DailyDirt: It's What You Say AND How You Say It

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Studying how language can predict behavior is a fascinating field. As communications are increasingly digital, everyone’s messages are more easily data mined for all sorts of analysis (ahem, and not all of it is done by the CIA). Marketing folks are looking at how catchy phrases might increase sales — which may be why you’re seeing more headlines like “8 simple ways to …” and “one simple trick that …” in ads. Here are just a few other linguistic studies for you to peruse. Also, happy belated National Grammar Day!

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Comments on “DailyDirt: It's What You Say AND How You Say It”

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David says:

Well, they might be onto something

In German, you can say things like “War jetzt eigentlich morgen Probe?” which is literally “Was now incidentally tomorrow a rehearsal?” and is a very complex interweaving of grammatical times and layers and intentions.

Its meaning more or less is “While I should have already surmised from past communication whether or not tomorrow will be sporting a rehearsal, I am currently not able to remember what the information I supposedly received was, consequently being in need of a reconfirmation from somebody with better recollection.”

All that information is compactly transmitted by the diligent composition of logically incompatible temporal adverbs and verbs.

Actually, I met my current girlfriend partly due to my ad reply containing some telltale words like “sintemalen” or “behufs” which would suggest that either I have consciously acquired old-fashioned language or am a vampire of old. My stated age did not entirely support the latter option.

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