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DailyDirt: Is It Safe To Eat That?

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The global food supply chain is significantly more complicated than it was a few generations ago. Some of it is due to technological progress, but sometimes it’s due to greed and/or pollution. Eliminating waste and making food processes as efficient as possible sounds like a admirable goal, but the food products created at the end of the day should be appetizing… and, more importantly, safe to eat. If you’re not too squeamish, check out these links on food that might churn your stomach.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Is It Safe To Eat That?”

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Lawrence D?Oliveiro says:

Depends On The Gut Bugs

There is about a kilogram of bacteria living in your large intestine, consisting of cells that outnumber your own body cells 10:1.

Without these bugs, you would feel very ill indeed. Unfortunately, like any bacteria, they can be killed off by antibiotics. And when they are gone, your gut becomes easy territory for other, less desirable, disease-causing bugs, to gain a foothold. This is a common side effect of antibiotic treatment.

Researchers are now considering these gut bacteria as effectively being like an organ of your body, just as much essential to your well-being as any other organ. That?s why they also talk about ?faecal transplants?, where somebody who has lost their usual gut bugs can get a replacement transfusion from a healthy donor.

Anonymous Coward says:

“Is It Safe To Eat That?”

Probably not, but then you need to eat something – right?
The need for informative, correct and legible ingredient labeling is required if one wants to make choices in their diet.

Arguments about whether some particular chemical or process is “ok” can go on forever with little to no benefit for anyone except those selling the (undisclosed) item in question. If these corporations … errr I mean people, really believe in the free market mantra they continuously spew then they would be upfront with the labeling and let the consumers decide what they want to ingest. But apparently the term “free market” means (to them) they are free to market lies and fraud upon the unsuspecting public.

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