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The Super Bowl — uh, “the big game” — commercials last weekend had a few ads that demonstrate (again) that people will actually want to watch commercials if they’re done properly. But sometimes it’s the train-wreck commercials that you just can’t stop watching. Here are just a few really (really) bad lawyer commercials that might be so bad that they’re actually entertaining.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Better Call Saul…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

What’s even more entertaining is the reaction to the commercials.

The Coca-Cola ad for example. Who knew that singing a song about America in several languages would cause such a ruckus.
– LOL – It is almost unbelievable.

So let’s see now. No Coke, no Dr Pepper, no Oreos …
Where will I get my daily dose of high fructose corn syrup?

Internet Zen Master (profile) says:

Re: Re:

The second I heard a different language being sung for that sng I thought: ‘Cue racist twitter explosion over Coke commercial in 3, 2, 1…’

Honestly though, the ads during SB48 were rather… meh this year. I’m not saying that because I wanted to get back to the game and watch my Seahawks continue pounding the Broncos into glue, I’m saying that because most of them were, well, boring.

btr1701 (profile) says:


> commercials last weekend had a few ads that
> demonstrate (again) that people will actually
> want to watch commercials if they’re done properly.

I’ve never had a problem giving most commercials a look. Most people don’t. It’s the endless repetition of the same commercials over and over and over again that drives people insane. One you see an ad once– even a clever one– you really don’t need (or want) to see it again, let alone two hundred more times.

Even the best of these Super Bowl commercials will be FFWed over by remote-wielding DVR owners within days of their football game debut.

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