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Astronauts aren’t expected to walk on the surface of the moon or Mars or a large asteroid.. or any other space object for quite some time. But in the meantime, space robots are picking up the slack and doing our dirty work. So far, only 3 countries have landed a probe on the moon, but as robot technology advances, it seems likely that we’ll have a lot more rovers crawling around on the surfaces of extraterrestrial objects. Here are just a few robots to keep an eye on as they poke around our solar system for us.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Robots In Spaaace”

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Rekrul says:

According to the article, scientists think the mystery rock that suddenly appeared was kicked up by a non-functional wheel from about a meter away as the rover made a turn. Personally, I find that a little hard to believe considering that these rovers tend to move at a speed of about .1 miles an hour. Even with the reduced gravity on Mars, it seems unlikely that a machine moving at the pace of a snail would throw a rock the size of doughnut a distance of a meter.

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