DailyDirt: Here Comes Santa Claus

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It’s that time of year again, when parents warn their kids to be good, because a big old guy with a white beard in a red suit is watching their every move and is going to find out if they’ve been naughty or nice. Well, Santa, we’ve got news for you. We’re watching you too, sort of. Both Microsoft and Google have “Santa trackers” that will let kids and parents monitor Santa’s location on a map on Christmas Eve as he delivers presents all over the world. For even more Santa fun, check out these links.

If you’d like to read more awesome and interesting stuff, check out this unrelated (but not entirely random!) Techdirt post via StumbleUpon.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Here Comes Santa Claus”

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out_of_the_blue says:

" kids who are too smart for their own good."????? You mean know reality?

I’m sure you’ll say was just wit, lighten up, but it’s stoopid and promoting stoopid like that which will bring down the human race. As Heinlein wrote, it’s yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value — but I’m afraid the real horror is that stoopid does have survival value; at the least, it’s the dominant characteristic. See the documentary movie “Idiocracy”.

Visit Mike’s other sites at least once a year, fanboys!


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: " kids who are too smart for their own good."????? You mean know reality?

That is not a documentary, it is a MOCKumentary. A piece of fiction. Now I fully understand just how big of an idiot you truly are. Stop living in your little fantasy world, put on your big boy pants, and try to learn the difference between reality and fantasy.

CK20XX (profile) says:

Re: I say give them the unvarnished lie!

Bah, that’s awfully Scroogey of you, don’t you think? I think it’s less of a lie and more of a game of pretend parents play with their kids. Who doesn’t love doing things like that? Then when you grow up and you’re no longer eligible to play (at least in theory), you feel kind of sad but somehow you’re still glad that you had the chance to participate.

John Fenderson (profile) says:

Re: Re: I say give them the unvarnished lie!

When you play pretend, everyone involved knows that you’re playing pretend. If they don’t, then you’re just lying.

Yes, I lied to my kids about Santa Claus due to social pressure, but I felt really, really shitty about the whole thing. I was so glad when my kids were old enough that I didn’t have to do that anymore.

Richard (profile) says:

Re: I say give them the unvarnished lie!

Tell them Santa Claus is real.

No tell them about the real person (St Nicholas of Myra) who is behind the mythical Santa. Tell them the true stories about how he fought against injustice and corruption.

Tell them about how business interests is the Netherlands and the US transformed the inconvenient real person into the commercially useful Santa.

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