DailyDirt: You're Eating That Fruit All Wrong…

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If there’s a way to eat something, there’s someone out there with a “right” way to eat it. Sometimes etiquette dictates how you should eat, but sometimes efficiency trumps the normal rules of society (don’t ask when). If you’re looking for more efficient ways to eat some common fruits, just check out these guides to eating apples, oranges and bananas.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: You're Eating That Fruit All Wrong…”

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Rekrul says:

I usually eat apples the traditional way, although my “core” is usually quite small and is just the immediate area right around the seeds (which I always find in the center, not near the top).

When I get near the center, I always encounter some tough fibers, which have never been that appealing to me. Which is why I don’t eat the core of the apple.

John Fenderson (profile) says:

Apple eating

If you eat an apple by pulling out the stem and eating it top down, you’ll probably be able to eat the entire apple without really tasting the core.

Couldn’t be more wrong. The problem with eating the core is not taste, it’s all those tough membranes and fibers. Eating an apple this way means that large portions of the good, fleshy parts of the apple are going to be contaminated with seeds, husks, and fibers. Sure, you can do it, but it makes the entire apple-eating experience worse.

Apple Eater says:

Re: Waste of research

A lot of effort is being wasted, in time and money, trying to convince people to eat the core. I don’t quite get why. Yes, some people eat the core. My father, for one. Some people even enjoy eating the core.

But the people who don’t eat the core are not going to start just because research has shown it’s safe, harmless, and possible to do. We already knew the core was edible, we see other people do it. Heck, most of us even know that the core tastes just like the rest of the apple.

It’s the texture. I don’t like the texture of the core. At all.

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