DailyDirt: Smart Primates

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It shouldn’t be too surprising that primates (besides humans) can exhibit some pretty amazing complex behavior. We haven’t quite managed to get enough skilled (real, not virtual) monkeys together with typewriters to reproduce the works of Shakespeare, but maybe they just need iPads and touchscreen keyboard input (because who hasn’t gotten frustrated with a typewriter?). The more we watch our genetic cousins, the more we see how smart they are — and could be. Here are just a few examples of smart monkeys.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Smart Primates”

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Anonymous Coward says:

“Chimps may not consciously know that they’re eating in a healthy way, but their dietary habits get them to eat various leaves near the end of a day when the sugar content of those leaves are highest.”

or they just eat those leaves at the time when they taste nicer !!
That really requires a lot of intelligence !!!

“observed whispering behind the back of a (human) “

monkeys don’t whisper !!!!! it may have looked like they were whispering to each other, but monkeys do not use a spoken language to communicate, did you just see “Ice Age” or something, spoiler, that is not the real world !!!

“when they observe humans acting selfishly, they’ll reject offers of food from these ‘dangerous’ humans. “

these ‘selfish people’ would not be offering food in that case !!!! so how does that work ?

what would have been an indication of intelligence would have been if the two monkeys who “whispered” to each other “planned” something then carried it out in a coordinated fashion, if one had of crouched down behind the man and the other run in front and pushed him over so he tripped over the one behind that would be worthy of comment, it shown planning and communication, but so say ‘they whispered’ is just stupid, one has to then question the ‘intelligence’ of the authors of these total ‘fluff’ ‘news’ ‘reports’ !!!

roarshock44 says:

holy exclamation points !!!

i was considering countering the previous comment until i saw the surety and determination in those exclamation points.? i am quite certain that any resistance would be foolish in the face of such resolve.? especially given that multiple e-points were consistently used and even emphasized beyond ordinary usage by setting them off with an extra space character !!!

so i’ll be quiet.? i will.

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