Sony Spoils The Fun Again: Takes Down Alternate Breaking Bad, Malcolm In The Middle Ending

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Over the five seasons that the show Breaking Bad ran, it became increasingly common for people to joke about how it was really a very differently toned sequel to the comedy Malcolm in the Middle, which also starred Bryan Cranston. At times Cranston and the creators of the Breaking Bad had even cracked a few jokes about the supposed “coincidences” between the two very, very different shows. However, over the weekend a video clip was released showing a potential “alternate ending” to Breaking Bad, in which Cranston’s wakes up in bed with his wife from Malcolm and admits that Breaking Bad was all just a dream. It’s an amusing little clip that the Breaking Bad crew included on the DVD release of the series. And the video got everyone talking about it.

So, of course, Sony Pictures had to issue a takedown on the YouTube clip. Because, apparently, no one is allowed to have any fun until they pay Sony.

Spoiler alert: this doesn’t make anyone more interested in buying the DVD. It just pisses people off.

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Comments on “Sony Spoils The Fun Again: Takes Down Alternate Breaking Bad, Malcolm In The Middle Ending”

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Anonymous Coward says:

but then Sony can go crying yet again to politicians saying how no one is buying their media! it must be due to ‘piracy’, so get new laws enacted, ramp up old ones, get more people put into prison and made bankrupt! then they’ll buy our stuff instead! talk about thick as shit! i could never understand how anyone with the mentality below that of a moron (nothing bad intended to those people) can become the head of a multi-billion dollar company and still not understand the customers they rely on totally for existence!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

It really is impressively dumb. It did NOTHING but keep both shows which are already off the air and trying to sell dvd/blu rays in the public consciousness and show a bit of a sense of humor.

Maybe I’m giving them too much credit, but any chance they could be trying to take advantage of the Streisand Effect and get more people to see it? Yea, I know, probably not.

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