DailyDirt: Keeping Your Food Safe And Sound

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Nature has devised some convenient ways to protect foods until we’re ready to eat them — bananas have nice yellow peels, grapes come in handy bunches, etc. People have also devised a few interesting packages for food (not just Pringles cans), but there’s always some room for improvement. Here are just a few examples of some ways to store food/drinks in interesting ways.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Keeping Your Food Safe And Sound”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Breakage Rates?

While in principal it would be nice to reduce waste and packaging costs from egg-cartons one important aspect of packaging is protecting its contents. The rubber band will likely weaken in cold and decay over time and temperature fluctuation. Granted if the eggs near-always go before the rubber then it is a non-issue.

The more fragile it is the more breakages occur. The more expensive it is the less acceptable this becomes fiscally. For example, look at the toughness of cardboard boxes used to contain liquor. They are a boon to anyone moving.

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