As Expected, USA Freedom Act Aims To Stop Worst NSA Abuses

from the a-step-in-the-right-direction dept

As was expected, a new bill to curb the NSA’s excesses was introduced in both houses of Congress this morning, with very strong backing in both houses and on both sides of the aisle (in terms of having both powerful sponsors, and lots and lots of co-sponsors). The bill is not perfect, and it is not the final answer to all the NSA’s activities, but it’s a big step in the right direction — stopping dragnet surveillance, reforming the way the FISA court works and adding some more transparency (we described many of the details in our post last week, and the bill matches what was expected). It has a decent chance of passing, but getting anything through Congress can be a chore these days. We’ll be following what happens with this bill closely. You can see the full bill below or the quick two pager describing the details.

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Comments on “As Expected, USA Freedom Act Aims To Stop Worst NSA Abuses”

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robin (profile) says:

Oversight This, Examine That

A huge exercise in bs: nowhere does the legislation mention unscrewing the backbone taps or reducing the flow.

I see lots of chatter regarding oversight, advocates, protection blah blah blah.

As Ed Snowden rightly pointed out, Section 215 authority is on it’s way out, but that doesn’t sweat the NSA. It’s collection prowess happens under Section 702, which will *not* be curtailed under this legislation, just supervised.

John (profile) says:

Punishing the offending officers

When is someone going to get off their collective asses and
punish the offending people in charge of these offences?
I realize that many of them have a LOT of congressional
backing, but if Clapper / Alexander lied to congress they
should be brought to task. If you or I lied to congress the
way both of these asses did we would be drawn, quartered,
hung, ridden out of town on a rail and then eaten, and
likely worse. NO one has immunity not the lease the men we
had to trust to be telling the truth, which it has become
VERY clear they did NOT!!!

R.H. (profile) says:

Re: Re:

You are aware that no sitting members of Congress are up for re-election next week right? There are a couple special elections to fill vacant seats (deaths and people moving to other political office) but no re-elections. That’s a major reason that the shutdown was able to happen, it’s not an election year so members of Congress didn’t feel that their jobs were in as much danger.

wallow-T says:

I’m very glum. I believe that the digital communications infrastructure, in toto, is going to be too tempting a target for any sovereign power to resist tapping it up the wazoo, presuming of course that the sovereign has the resources.

We (the IT profession) have delivered the turnkey global surveillance state, and the only way out would be to smash the machines. No future.

What reason do we have to believe that the communications of the President, Congress and the Judiciary are not being monitored?

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