What Little Transparency The US Trade Rep Used To Have Is Going Away

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When Michael Froman was first nominated as the US Trade Rep, we hoped he would commit to being more transparent than his predecessors. While that seemed unlikely given his history as a political crony revolving in and out of government and business, the issue was raised directly during his Senate approval process. Unfortunately, like his predecessors, Froman appears to confuse transparency with listening. The two are not the same. Transparency is about sharing what you’re doing. Listening is about hearing what others have to say. You can listen while being totally opaque — and it appears that this is the USTR’s strategy.

IP Watch notes that the USTR released its list of weekly press events… in which every one of them is closed to the press.

This could just be a coincidence, having to do with the type of meetings the USTR is having, but it’s still indicative of the way the USTR operates. But a much bigger concern is that Jamie Love, from KEI, reveals that the USTR has now changed its policy on sharing texts of WTO TRIPS council interventions with outside organizations, such as civil society and public interest groups. That is basically spitting on transparency, with the new USTR basically making it clear that it doesn’t want the actual feedback from the groups most closely following these stories from the public interest side of things.

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Comments on “What Little Transparency The US Trade Rep Used To Have Is Going Away”

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Anonymous Coward says:

It’s closed door deals like this, that causes nations like Canada to get sued by corporations. Simply because Canada wanted to consider the environmental impacts of fracking for oil. Such as contaminated drinking water.

When a corporation sues the government of a nation, it’s the tax payers money they’re collecting.

It’s utterly ridiculous and why the drafting of these “free trade” policies, needs to be open to the public who’s ultimately going to get sued by these policies.


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