Apparently Pretending You Work For The NSA May Scare Off Potential Muggers

from the warning:-do-not-try-this-at-home dept

Via TechFreedom we learn the story of a quick-on-her-feet mugging victim, who told a would-be mugger who demanded her money and phone that she was an intern for the NSA. This allowed her to make two claims: (1) as an intern, she had no money and (2) as an NSA employee, they would be tracking the location of her phone “complete with a pink-and-blue Lilly Pulitzer case.” Apparently, it worked:

“I told him that the NSA could track the phone within minutes, and it could cause possible problems for him,” the victim recounted.

The NSA has been in the spotlight this year due to controversial and far-reaching intelligence-gathering programs it had kept hidden from public knowledge.

Perhaps wary of just how far the NSA would go to keep its assets safe, the assailant just “looked at me and ran away,” the victim said.

I once heard a story (possibly apocryphal) of someone who knew someone who lived in a neighborhood known for semi-frequent muggings. He once got mugged, and immediately responded by just yelling “the refrigerators are coming! the refrigerators are coming!” and it apparently confused/frightened the mugger enough to send him running off as well. This is not to say that either of these techniques are recommended. While it’s likely that jittery muggers may simply cut bait and run when faced with anything that leads to confusion or questioning, it is also possible that such actions could lead to a very different kind of attack as well. Still, at least in this instance, there’s apparently a story of how the news about the NSA may have actually helped someone.

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Comments on “Apparently Pretending You Work For The NSA May Scare Off Potential Muggers”

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out_of_the_blue says:

"cut bait and run" ????? -- What the HELL does that mean?

Did you intend: “cut bait or fish”? (That means decide on a role, or let someone else take over.) Or “cut (mooring) lines and run”? (A piratey saying meaning the real Navy is in sight, better skedaddle before get hung.) — Those are only two even close that I can come up with! It’s obvious that you have no practical experience behind attempts at folksy sayings, or you wouldn’t even be able to mangle them, it’s SO jarring — and humorous… Deja vu day all over again with several fake “out_of_the_blue” posts, and Malaprop Mike!

Now, my take on the piece… Well, well. Mike worked out a way to make NSA into a positive.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 "cut bait and run" ????? -- What the HELL does that mean?

“In our labs (here in Australia) where I worked, we developed THE MOST EFFECIENT photovoltaic cell (solar panel for you), IN THE WORLD. INCLUDING THE US..”

Quoted from here.

So not only are you horrible at logic, you’re also horrible at lying, horrible at remembering that you lied, and insistent on using lying to make your point.

You’re a dirtbag.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Happened to me recently

Glad your gun protected you!
Two thugs tried to rob my brother at gunpoint, after being shot he pulled out his glock and shot back hitting both. The two thugs are now serving 20 years each and my bro is alive and doing well.

Not sure what this has to do with the NSA but it is a good example of how one can actually protect themselves when lies fail to scare the thug.

Anonymous Coward says:

there’s apparently a story of how the news about the NSA may have actually helped someone.

It’s certainly helped you Mr Masnick, it appears you have discovered a nice cash cow to milk CONSTANTLY!!!

We are wondering when you are going to change the name of TechDirt from TD to “Government and NSA Hate place” or something to that effect.

Or “How many ways can I wind NSA into EVERY SINGLE STORY”, and build on the natural paranoia of your loyal few readers ?

Quite a money spinner this NSA thing is for you !!!

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