NSA Uses EFF Images To Explain Tor; EFF Jokingly Claims Creative Commons Violation

from the now-wouldn't-that-be-a-fun-lawsuit dept

With this morning’s revelation of how the NSA and GCHQ are trying to attack Tor, some of the presentations being used by the NSA to explain Tor are somewhat interesting or amusing. For example, in one presentation about the program EgotisticalGiraffe (I don’t make ’em up, so don’t ask), the NSA amusingly feels the need to highlight the fact that “terrorists” use Tor:

In a different presentation, the NSA helpfully tries to explain how Tor works by making use of the EFF’s own Tor explainer.
The whole thing is labeled Top Secret, and, somewhat amusingly, the EFF jokingly claimed that this likely violates their Creative Commons license, before saying that the NSA is free to use the images under fair use. To be honest, I’m not sure that’s actually accurate either. It looks like the EFF uses the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 3.0 US) license, which requires attribution and that’s basically it. The images show the EFF’s logo, so you could argue they’ve properly complied with the license.

Either way, another randomly amusing tidbit in the midst of all of this.

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Comments on “NSA Uses EFF Images To Explain Tor; EFF Jokingly Claims Creative Commons Violation”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Hmmmmmm. Wonder if the NSA discovered the spyware lurking in those images, planted there by the EFF and designed specificity to infiltrate the entire NSA network, copy everything, and send it to super secret places before being revealed to the world. Muhahahaha!

(The’re already paranoid. Let’s really eff with them.)

Anonymous Coward says:

You know, THAT is what annoys me the most.

It is not some dry presentation drawn from the bowels of PowerPoint hell by some lobotomized wage slave.

The writing style and the kind of humor used, including the obviously self-deprecating jab by highlighting the “terrorists” word that way, shows that whoever made that presentation, and presumably that whole system, is one of us.

One. Of. Us.

It is not some faceless goon defined solely by his desire to screw over the whole Internet while cackling manically. It is a normal technologist like us, with a normal life, with normal desires. He might even be reading the comments here.

That is what hurts the most. It is not an “enemy” attempting to destroy the whole of the Internet civilization. It is someone who should be an ally. To another technologist like me, it feels like betrayal.

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