DailyDirt: Making Use Of Food Waste

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A terrible amount of our food supply goes to waste. It’s not just unsold produce that rots in a grocery store. All along our food chain, we throw away edible material. Efforts to reclaim those loses are sometimes met with some disgust (eg. pink slime), but finding uses for food stuff that would otherwise end up in landfill should be a noble pursuit. Here are just a few projects that could eat up some of our uneaten leftovers.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Making Use Of Food Waste”

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Cloudsplitter says:

Food Waste

Food waste is a cultural issue, food that is packaged in most cases is still good well pass sell by dates, stores will not take the time to sell it at reduced cost, or give it to food pantries.

Brewers grain is not waste, but a highly concentrated feed stock in the cattle, chicken, and pig industry.

Waste in vegetables and fruit stocks in stores comes from not rotating stock.

Corwin (profile) says:

Re: Food Waste

“Best before” means “this is guaranteed to not differ sensibly in taste or quality, within this period”. It does not mean “bad after this date” indeed.

I’ve once found 70-years-old chocolate that was perfectly fine to use. Just a little whitened, thus, better to use for cooking or hot cocoa than eating directly.

Honey does bear use-by dates, for some demented reason. Honey has been found in 2000 years old roman-era galleons, still perfectly conserved. Go figure why the health authorities demand an use-by date on a product that keeps basically for ever.

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