Car Thief Tries To Blame GTA For His Actions

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One thing I have never considered when writing up all the different examples of major media jumping into the blame-video-games pool with both feet is that there are actually a great many people in this world that enjoy watching the news and don’t think it’s anything more than a dolled-up theater of false controversy. But, unfortunately, such people exist. Apparently, they even exist in American colleges, because here’s a stupid tale of one Auburn lacrosse player who stole a truck and then tried to blame his own actions on Grand Theft Auto. Must have been a cable news fan, given that imitation is the best sort of flattery and all that.

Around 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning, according to Baton Rouge police, Burgess hopped in the open cab of an idling truck outside a bar, not realizing or not caring that there was a woman in the passenger’s seat. He tried to speed off with the woman along for the ride, but ended up ramming into nine different parked cars before the woman was able to jump to safety.

During questioning Burgess allegedly told an officer that he “wanted to see what it was really like to play the video game Grand Theft Auto.”

You just know the news coverage of this incident attempted to create the first recursive loop based solely on stupidity, running his “excuse” all over their broadcasts. Unfortunately, Burgess is full of crap. See, I’ve played enough GTA to know that he certainly did not want to see what the game was like if played in real life. Otherwise, he’d be admitting he wanted to experience this.

But, no, Burgess didn’t attempt to experience any of those parts of the game in real life, did he? That’s because he just wanted to steal a truck from out front a bar, because lacrosse just ain’t exciting enough. He can attempt to pawn his stupidity off on a video game all he wants, but he’ll still be charged with hit and run, theft, and kidnapping all the same. Meanwhile, millions of fans of GTA will go on playing the game without behaving like an idiot.

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Comments on “Car Thief Tries To Blame GTA For His Actions”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Nice! When I’m playing Guitar Hero I get the urge to play real life heroin hero.

After Duke Nukem I go around telling random strangers to “blow it out your ass”

After a 60hour Diablo 2 session I get the urge to kill my neighbors cow. “Someone will get that one lol”

After playing Custer’s Revenge on Atari I have to go watch stick porn.

And finally as for Mario I almost do the same thing.. Okay, okay.. Yeah I’m lying, I cannot bring myself to waste muShrooms.

Anonymous Coward says:

This is not the first time some one has tried to claim that some video game is responsible for their behavior. It’s really an attempt to shift the blame for their own actions to something else rather than the truth of he is going to be held responsible for his own actions.

The sad part in all this is that in his attempt to shift the blame, he is going to feed those who really want to blame video games for violent behavior more ammo to use. Of course this idiot doesn’t care, he just wants off the hook.

I love to play FPSers. Run around in the game and shoot all the bad dudes. Do I want to do that in real life? Not a chance as I know and recognize the difference between real life and a video game. There is no reset in real life. As someone else just a day or so ago stated the real thrill is knowing that you don’t die in the game, you just start over till you get it right. I have no illusions that taking a bullet is going to do no damage. I also know that I won’t be able to hit some sort of reset button and try it again. In RL damage is permanent with no re-do.

What does happen is I work any type of aggression out in that game. I have no want of toting a gun down main street or where ever. I have no urge to see how many innocents can be slain before it catches up to you.

The problem isn’t the video game. The problem is mental health with no facilities to go to that don’t cost a fortune if you can find one for those that really need it.

out_of_the_blue says:

And as usual Timmy denies (4 days later) the rather obvious associations

between violent video games and actual crimes. — They CANNOT do you any good, kids. It’s just not possible. You’re not only wasting the precious hours of your youth, you’re warping your already weak minds with wicked fantansies, and taking Computer-Assisted Instruction for crime.

This is probably the original:

Which has this indicator he’s a typical rich frat boy:
Prison records show Burgess paid his $40,000 bond.

nasch (profile) says:


One thing I have never considered… is that there are actually a great many people in this world that enjoy watching the news and don’t think it’s anything more than a dolled-up theater of false controversy. But, unfortunately, such people exist.

You think it’s unfortunate that people recognize what (most) TV news is, or that they enjoy watching it?

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