DailyDirt: So You Want To Be A Lawyer..?

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Lawyers often get a bad rap — sometimes rightfully so. But does the entire profession really deserve endless lawyer jokes and derision? Despite the hate, thousands of people still study to become lawyers, racking up a pretty hefty amount of student debt in the process. Here are just a few interesting links for those of you who might be considering (or going through) this educational process.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: So You Want To Be A Lawyer..?”

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JoeCool (profile) says:

Well DUH!

Roughly, about 44,000 new law school students graduated in the last year, but only about 21,800 new jobs for them exist. And it’s not unusual for students to have over $150,000 worth of student debts for their education.

So we have about 20,000 new “lawyers” without a job trying to find a way to pay off $150K worth of debt… is it really so surprising why there’s so much abuse of the legal system?

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