DailyDirt: Correlations Over Breakfast

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We’ve pointed out dietary studies before that suggest calories from different foods aren’t the same and that when you eat could be as important as what you eat. But how about focusing just on one meal: breakfast. Should you eat a big breakfast? Is it bad to skip breakfast? Here are just some partial answers.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Correlations Over Breakfast”

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stonedome says:

Re: Who sponsors the big breakfast studies?

“The big breakfast group also experienced significant reductions in blood levels of insulin, glucose and triglyceride fats” dr atkins pioneered this in the 80’s and was lambasted by the medical community. now, the proof is out. i eat a big breakfast everyday and my cholesterol is the lowest it’s ever been…cut out the huge cereal, pasta, potato and bread components and you’ll see a big decrease in all of those numbers. and you won’t be hungry every twenty minutes.

Beta (profile) says:

Extra! Extra!

“Male health professionals who said they regularly skipped breakfast were 27% more likely to die during 16 years of follow-up… And those who said they ate late at night were 55% more likely to die…

…Both relationships, however, fell shy of statistical significance after further adjustment…”

In other words, nothing. This is medical journalism?

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