The Lies Your Government Tells You About NSA Surveillance

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The folks over at ProPublica have collected a series of flat-out lies by government officials concerning NSA snooping and put them all together in a short video.

It includes statements from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, NSA boss Keith Alexander, Senate Intelligence boss Senator Dianne Feinstein and President Barack Obama — all stating false claims about NSA surveillance publicly. It then shows how those statements were false. We’ve said it before but as these very same officials now are trying to assure us there’s nothing wrong with the program, given their past lies, how can we take them seriously?

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Comments on “The Lies Your Government Tells You About NSA Surveillance”

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out_of_the_blue says:

But do you still believe others in politics / administration?

Last year, you were telling us Hilary Clinton was supporting freedom. Pffft! And you trot out Wyden or Grayson or Paul at least excuse, as if DC isn’t more uniformly totalitarian than the Politburo ever was. So, Mike, we really need to know if you’re still so foolish as to believe ANYONE in the system…

FM Hilton (profile) says:

It depends on who they're lying to

You see, there’s two types of people that they know are going to hear this:

1. Non-techy, trusting people who think that the government never lies to them. That’s the majority of the voters. You know them, they keep voting for people like Feinstein and King, no matter how stupid they are.

2. The smart people, who not only don’t listen to their lies, they understand them to be lies, and will always distrust them.

Too bad the majority of Americans fall into the first category, and not the second, because we’d have a revolution if that were the case.

The government knows this and laughs at everyone. They know they can get away with anything they want because they have the power to do it, and we don’t.

“See, we are the government, we lie and we don’t care if you care about it. Whatcha gonna do about it?”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: It depends on who they're lying to

False dichotomy.

I realize it makes life easier to deal with when things are simple, but that is hardly ever is the case – things are just not that simple.

For example, “there are two types of people”. This is obviously incorrect as there are many different pigeon holes in which people can be stuffed. In addition, your stereotype presents the incorrect inference that non technical people are not smart.

In addition, I would like to see the data which you used in the determination that a majority of Americans fall into the first of your two buckets.

I see blog comments about revolution but this could mean anything from civil disobedience to armed insurrection. The latter of the two is something you should think twice about as it is never as sweet as you see in Hollywood movies, in fact it would quite miserable. There are many non violent ways to address the issues which face society today. It is discouraging to see the low voter turnout numbers and the attempts at disenfranchisement, but not all is lost.

Oh – btw, it’s not us vs them … it’s us vs us and we are losing.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: It depends on who they're lying to

I don’t think revolution would be necessary if there were more type 2 Americans. We would just vote in other type 2 politicians and actually get this country running well instead of re-electing failed lawyers.

Revolution would happen if there were enough type 1’s that aren’t getting their basic needs meet and then revolt out of pure FUD. In which case we would end up repeating the process.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: It depends on who they're lying to

That would be a good start, although it would not be enough.

The problem of corruption needs to be reduced, although it will probably never be eliminated. It seems we continually put in place conflicts of interest, only to later act shocked that it became a problem.

The influence of money and resulting regulatory capture is an unsustainable form of government if one wishes to avoid the eventual public revolt. Sure you can beat them down with clubs, tazers and drones but you will never get their respect nor their cooperation. That is a hell of a way to live and a rather shitty society.

ss (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: It depends on who they're lying to

Making contributions to elections from any entity besides an individual should be made illegal.

Lobbying by groups should be made to have each and every dollar funding that group accountable to an individual.

Otherwise it is never us vs us. That’s an excuse to mask our incapacitation. We are effectively, for the most part, marginalized.

Anonymous Coward says:

The biggest lie is right there in it’s name: National Security Agency which gives the impression that they provide some sort of security when in fact it is abundantly clear that they are really the National Surveillance Agency. Be it at home or abroad the only service they provide is surveillance and any actionable information they find has to be passed to another agency who then provides some protection.

It’s clear that the main purpose of the National Surveillance Agency is to keep an eye on public citizens worldwide to find trends in public thinking so that government can react to any substantial political movements that may threaten the existing power structure.

Anonymous Coward says:


Consider that the US and allies have very real enemies, some who have been born in the US and this fact.. They would not hesitate to skewer everyone and roast us over an open fire and drink our blood.. Now, the NSA and others not letting everyone know what actually goes on behind our backs is not a really bad thing in that light.

That One Guy (profile) says:


Yes yes, and the boogie-men eat babies for breakfast and use the tears of orphans to power their cars, could you at least try and come up with reasonable examples next time instead of camp-fire level scare stories?

Of course it’s still a moot point, because the government itself through it’s actions have done more damage to the country, it’s reputation, and the people’s trust in it, than any terrorist could have ever managed, so given that it’s not hard to see who’s the real threat to the american public and their rights.

Anonymous Coward says:

the lying government and the nsa aren’t the problem.

the problem is every human being on the planet as a whole. the laws and all the rest of this nonsense are nothing without you… the government, nsa or whatever you want to add. they’re not the problem.

if these people moved to a remote island where there are no people then they could write all the laws they wanted and it wouldn’t have any effect.

I could have worded it better but you get the idea

Jasmine Charter (user link) says:

Trust me...

Politicians are snake oil salesman… anyone who tells you differently is selling something.

There are HORRIBLY few congressman who actually are there to help the country. Most are there to help themselves.

So always ask yourself… how does what they say or do help them?

Obviously, the answer to how does increased, illegal, unconstitutional survellience help them is simple. Look at the last election:

1) IRS specifically (and illegally) targeted political conservative groups to prevent them from having nonprofit status, limiting the amount of contributions they could contribute to conservative candidates

2) The tax records of Mitt Romney and large donors to Mitt Romney were illegally released to the media and certain members of the opposite party

3) The IRS put an illegal (and completely false) tax lien on a conservative candidate Christine O’Donnel, causing controversy that most say cost her the election

Regardless of whether you are democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, hopefully you agree that the government should not be using its power to persecute any political, religious or other group based on beliefs or philosophies.

If you don’t agree… go move to Iran or Russia.

The fact is, the government cannot handle the power it has… and certain doesn’t deserve any more.

But they want it so that they can abuse it.

And just think… soon, because of Obamacare, they will have access to ALL of our medical histories!


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Trust me...

  • IRS specifically (and legally) targeted political groups across the political spectrum. The only group to be denied said status was what you might call progressive, or liberal.

    In requesting an investigation, Darrell Issa requested the inspector general to only report on conservative groups that had been subjected to review of their requests, thus intentionally over looking other groups who had also been looked into.

    • To which year of Romney tax return(s) are referring and who are you implying did the releasing? I could guess, but you really should state your accusations in a more concise manner, otherwise you simply look to ranting. Romney released his own 2011 & 2010 returns and refused to release 2009 and prior.

    • The issue about a tax lien is interesting in that it was not news back when it supposedly happened years ago, but is only now surfacing. I suspect another weak attempt at scandal manufacturing. Also, she destroyed her campaign, not some tax lien which we are only now finding out about.

      Your silly regurgitation of talking points is cute, but sad. You really should get out more often.

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