This Sunday Is 1984 Day: Go Out And Protest Unconstitutional Surveillance

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Back on July 4th, there were the very successful Restore the 4th rallies around the country. In the month since then, public opinion has increasingly moved towards rejecting the federal government’s support for a surveillance state, and it’s increasingly clear that Congress is going to put limits on the surveillance campaign as well. But a big part of why that shift is happening is that the folks who are most aware of this are out there letting others know.

In order to continue that momentum, the same loose coalition of folks who organized the July 4th rallies have set up a second set of rallies for this Sunday, August 4th, for what they’re calling 1984 Day (get it? it’s on 8/4). There will be rallies and marches in various cities around the country, so check out the website to see if one is near you. I know that at least some of them are going to try to rope in various politicians as well. There are some great speakers planned in San Francisco, including two of the most important whistleblowers of government abuse in our lifetimes: Daniel Ellsberg and Mark Klein.

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Comments on “This Sunday Is 1984 Day: Go Out And Protest Unconstitutional Surveillance”

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Jasmine Charter (user link) says:


Yes… it’s 1984 day… so look up on your computer (which is monitored) where the event is… then call up your friends (which is being monitored and recorded) and tell them to meet your there.

Then, taking your cellphone (which will be monitored and your location recorded), go to the event (which is most likely recorded on some video surveillance) and demonstrate (which will most likely be overseen by a drone).

But don’t worry… there’s not too much surveillance.

Anonymous Coward says:

1984 Day

See you on Schroeder Square, Boston! I cleared a few hours on Sunday, and it’s not too much to ask. (I must have some truly amazing organizational skills, because I did the laundry, made dinner, and a kickass sign in just over two hours last night.) And if there’s just two other people standing next to me, it’s still the right thing to do. At least it won’t be a hundred degrees in the shade this time around.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: 1984 Day

You must live in a pretty miserable city. I will say, though, Beantown rocks more than most. The crowd I saw on Independence Day there was, by and large, pretty ordinary. And they’re actually willing to work on this problem, so I’ll be there to show solidarity and lend a hand where I can. I don’t mind risking the derision of a few nameless internet trolls. Complaining on the internet will only get us so far.

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