Peru Proposes Default Internet Censorship Requiring Opt-in To View Pornography

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Techdirt has run a number of posts about David Cameron’s dangerous plans to apply default online censorship and make porn opt-in in the UK, supposedly to “protect the children”. Now it looks like Peru is following suit (original in Spanish):

The Bill No. 2511/2012-CR (pdf) introduced by Congressman Omar Chehade and the Nationalist caucus raises serious questions about individual freedoms in Peru. The project aims to establish a national system of mandatory filters for all Internet providers to prevent access to pages with pornographic content. This filter would be applied by default to all users of the Internet and the only way around it would be by expressly asking the operator [to turn it off]. To do this, a group of representatives from public bodies would be responsible for determining what content would be subject to censorship. Thus, the proposal seeks to protect minors from access to pornographic sites.

It’s not clear whether the Congressman was directly inspired by Cameron, but it seems quite likely, given the close similarity of the two schemes. And we’ve seen how bad ideas for Internet laws have a tendency to spread rapidly among politicians, notably in the case of France’s “three-strikes” approach, which was taken up by the UK, South Korea, New Zealand and the US (albeit in a modified form). If more of these “for the children” censorship bills requiring opt-in to porn start turning up in the near future, we’ll know whose fault it is….

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Comments on “Peru Proposes Default Internet Censorship Requiring Opt-in To View Pornography”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

In the future, when all nations have their own internets after fracturing off the main network as a whole, we’ll have to install all sorts of invasive state-sponsored spyware in order to connect from one to the other to ensure our “safety” (it clogs the tubes to talk to other countries, you see).

And yet people will still be able to look at porn and governments will only be able to look at the disaster they made and cry.

Anonymous Coward says:

Mark my words, these attempts at porn censorship will be a huge failure. The internet was founded on porn. I still remember when didn’t even require viewers to enter their age in order to enter the site.

I’m not worried in the least about porn filters. Well, I’m a little worried that rape rates might increase because of this, which will be tragic.

Trying to censor porn from the internet, is like trying to stop teenagers from having sex. In other words, it’s impossible.

I’m personally going to sit back and laugh at their futile attempts to censor human behavior.

Anonymous Coward says:

and who to blame because they wont work, not as far as saving any children are concerned! i wonder what Cameron would say if the government, any government were to say to him ‘we are taking over your role as a parent and dictating what you and your family can and cant do, can and cant look at’. like any other parent, he would be appalled at such a proposal. let alone any order! in fact, i am sure he would be the first one to condemn any interference and want to know what right the Government had to tell him how to bring up his kids!’

Ninja (profile) says:

There’s so much harm being done to the kids by politicians with the stupid “for the kids” mantra. I certainly don’t see any benefit for the kids when you trample with free speech. If I was a kid I’d be worried with my future. Not because of the criminals but because of the politicians.

In fact I have a 10-yr-old little friend that is very politically aware (due to me, his father and other friends constantly discussing stuff near him) and we were discussing the latest political climate, the leaks and all. Children are as stupid as we make them. And honestly this boy beats Cameron and many others to a pulp in terms of sanity, sensibility, morals and ethics.

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