DOJ Tries, But Fails, To Delay ACLU Lawsuit Over NSA Spying

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The Justice Department desperately tried to delay the ACLU’s recently filed lawsuit over the NSA’s surveillance efforts. The DOJ claimed that, since the intelligence agencies have been working to declassify info on those programs, any lawsuit should wait until those decisions are made. Thankfully, however, Judge William Pauley recognized that justice delayed is justice denied and rejected that argument. The case will move forward with motions filed by the end of August and the case to begin by November.

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Comments on “DOJ Tries, But Fails, To Delay ACLU Lawsuit Over NSA Spying”

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Anonymous Coward says:

The longer this is in the spotlight the better. The public absolutely needs to know this is going to end.

The executive branch has done everything it can to prevent this from coming to court. They will continue to do as they have done before, claiming that no one has standing to bring the case forward, stonewalling, delaying, being shifty about what is being done, how effective it is, and worse of all, how badly it goes against both the wording and the intentions of the Constitution.

Saying it is legal, doesn’t make it so. Time and again we see laws made that have to be ruled unconstitutional in court. Saying that these programs have oversight is another smoke and mirror tacit.

It’s high time that the direction this country is going in is changed back towards something resembling what it’s supposed to be instead of the laughing stock of the global when ever the Secretary of State wants to claim human rights mean something.

Anonymous Coward says:

Given the NSA is stonewalling providing the evidence in a Florida case that the doj and NSA like to say “needed” the dragnet, the NSAs arguements to the Supreme Court on who would have standing has been proven invalid.

Given the scrutiny given to the Arguements by the Supreme Court last time, I expect any they don’t have standing FUD to not have any standing with the court.

Anonymous Coward says:

the desperate steps being taken by the various security agencies shows that, without any shadow of doubt, they have been and still are up to all things nefarious. my fear, however is, that regardless of the extremely close vote in Congress yesterday and any/all law suits against these agencies, they will continue doing what they have been doing, as if nothing has happened. they view themselves (or at least those pulling the strings do) as being above the law! they are of the opinion that they can do whatever the hell they like and the people of any/all nations do not matter and have no right to complain about, let alone try to stop this spying!!

FM Hilton (profile) says:

The end game begins

Perhaps we’re seeing history in action here-that the judicial branch, mortified by their brethren who are denying justice, finally want to air the secrets, and end the program.

I can only cheer at this point. Whether or not it gets further is up to judges who have an independent mind, and thank heaven there’s still one-Judge Pauley.

I’m sure the NSA and the government together will bring all of their savage cunning into play. They’ve never hesitated to stoop to the lowest levels in previous cases.

I’m holding my breath, and hoping for an actual judicial decision in favor of the Constitution this time.

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