DailyDirt: Now You're Cooking With Gas… Or Something Better Maybe?

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There are all kinds of kitchen gadgets that promise to save time while cooking meals. The microwave oven is probably the best example of technology making our meals significantly faster to prepare, but there are plenty of other cooking methods that are catching on in more and more kitchens (induction cooking, slow cookers, etc). Here are just a few more examples that might clutter your countertops.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Now You're Cooking With Gas… Or Something Better Maybe?”

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Paul Renault (profile) says:

Let's see...

…7 billion people using two boil-bags per day, giving, say, 10 grams of polyethylene per person = 140 million kilos of plastic bags per day = 25.55 million tonnes of plastic per year.

Or an increase of roughly one tenth of ALL plastics production world wide. An increase of 10% of waste product.

The sooner this sous-vide trend can die, the better.

Lord Binky says:

Re: Let's see...

You need to subtract the amount of plastic that is currently used for the same amount of food. 10% isn’t a bad worst case scenario, so if the ‘boil-bags’ were the same packaging the food is stored and purchased in the total waste increase goes down from there. That’s not even including the plastic, foils, foam, etc. that are used at present that could be reduced.

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