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Parents apparently have no idea how to raise children. Parenting is tough, but no worries, there’s always the unsolicited advice from family and strangers about what they think is best for children, and there are tons of parenting books available that may or may not help. There’s also no shortage of contradictory studies out there that just leave parents utterly confused. Here are just a few recent findings on what’s supposedly good or bad for kids. Remember correlation isn’t causation, etc, etc.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Parenting Tips”

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Anonymous Coward says:

The WSJ ADHD Article is Off Base

The WSJ ADHD medication article is about a study that focuses on grades. Children taking ADHD meds are not taking the meds to improve grades, they’re taking them to help manage behavior. There are a few paragraphs late in the article that make this point, but WSJ chose to bury those points “below the fold.” Makes me wonder if they’re crusading.

Off his meds, my son would not be able to participate in class at school. Maybe if we had less than five students per teacher, but not in the current system. I have to work full-time or we’d be homeless, either of which makes home school impractical.

I’m sure some non-ADHD college students take ADHD meds believing they’ll help them improve their grades. OTOH, I’ve known ADHD-diagnosed college students (not my son) who could not complete work on time, sit still in class, and not speak out inappropriately UNTIL they started taking meds, and who reverted when they stopped taking meds. Again, it’s about behavior, not grades.

Mike Raffety (profile) says:

Young children need regular bedtimes?

The study does not establish cause and effect — only correlation. They didn’t split kids into two different groups and have one go to bed at a regular time, and the other at varying times.

It’s quite possible that the less intelligent kids (for lack of a better term) have varying bedtimes because of less rigorous parenting, different demographics, a common underlying biological cause, etc.

The last paragraph of the article sort of alludes to this, but only after going on at length about how kids need their sleep.

Correlation is NOT cause and effect.

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