Public Outcry In Taiwan Kills Their Version Of SOPA

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At the end of May, we wrote about the Taiwanese government’s bizarre proposal to create a copyright bill that was like SOPA, but even worse. Apparently, the folks at the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (IPO) had slept through the whole SOPA thing. Thankfully, the Taiwanese quickly did their own version of the SOPA blackout, with Wikipedia Taiwan and Mozilla Taiwan set to participate. However, seeing the writing on the wall (and, perhaps, someone showed the IPO folks what happened in the US), and the proposal was abandoned before the protest was even needed.

Of course, it’s not completely over:

In the face of these criticisms and the planned blackout, the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office abandoned this severe copyright law. In its announcement, the office stated that this plan would be “adjusted.” It’s clear that the government intends to introduce another copyright enforcement initiative in the future. Still, it’s enormously encouraging to see how users in Taiwan have organized to defend their rights and successfully stopped this draconian blacklist law.

The unfortunate reality is that many government authorities around the world still buy into the belief that the health of the Internet is acceptable collateral damage in this manufactured war on copyright infringement. Lawmakers need to understand that creativity and innovation can only thrive when our platforms remain open, where users are free to share and experiment with content. While it’s clear that the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office did not learn from the mistakes of SOPA and PIPA in the U.S., let’s hope others see the defeat of this latest copyright blacklist law and recognize that users will not put up with efforts to censor the Internet.

Still, it is good to see that whenever something SOPA-like pops up, the public quickly jumps up to protest it.

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Comments on “Public Outcry In Taiwan Kills Their Version Of SOPA”

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Just John (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Please feel free to show where he states he hates copyright. IIRC, he has even stated that copyright should exist, contrary to those like me who thinks it creates ultimately more problems because of abuses than it help.

The most I have seen is Mike discussing his dislike of copyright abuse, not copyright enforcement.

Personally, I will not go back to the US, and will stay in Taiwan, until the government gets its collective head out of its ass and starts enforcing the original “for the public good” copyright viewpoint, instead of allowing the **AA’s to push their abusive views on the general public.

Anonymous Coward says:

the frustrating thing is, there is no need for any of this shit anyway! the entertainment industries know what they need to do but refuse to do it. they seem to think that they have to stop file sharing at all costs! rather than listen to what people keep telling them, they ignore it. rather than do as people ask, the carry on down the same ridiculous road. instead of doing what they know is the sensible thing and MAKE SHIT LOADS OF MONEY, they insist on doing the opposite and carry on suing the very people they rely on, the customers, which then obviously COSTS SHIT LOADS OF MONEY!! it dont take rocket science to work out which is the better option!

Anonymous Coward says:

“However, seeing the writing on the wall (and, perhaps, someone showed the IPO folks what happened in the US), and the proposal was abandoned before the protest was even needed.”

Can the US Congress be replaced by the Taiwanese lawmakers? They seem to understand and get the picture must faster than their American counterparts. Isn’t this country supposed to be smarter or more technologically advanced or something?

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