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Why re-invent the wheel when you can copy from millions of years of evolution? Okay, so there aren’t that many animals that use the wheel for locomotion, but there are plenty of other tricks that biology has figured out. By studying how insects fly, we could improve the designs of future flying robots, and there are some biological materials like spider webs and pearls that we still haven’t been able to replicate exactly. Here are just a few other examples of how we’re learning from biology.

If you’d like to read more awesome and interesting stuff, check out this unrelated (but not entirely random!) Techdirt post via StumbleUpon.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Inspired By Nature”

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Anonymous Coward says:


Controlling robot insects with the Master Chief’s helmet would be cool.

I saw this article about how some people are making artificial natural structures.

And suddenly it came to me, what if you actually had bones as walls, you just print the scafolding put it in place and let cells grow in it to make bones. Wraith technology no doubt.

This one reminds of Batman.

People figure out how to use sounds to map rooms, now the NSA can now the layout of your home just by listening to the echos well it needs at least four microphones in the room so they would need four people to phone in that room 🙂
But I am sure they can get it down to just two in no time.

Rapnel (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Now you’re just being obnoxious, arrogant and threatening. Nice triple play. What’s your next trick?

Maybe if you pose your question to the public, directly, because that’s who is privy, and deliver it with some precision then you might get what you want out of him along with other input that you probably don’t have the slightest interest in. You are harassing a specific individual, directly, in public, and yet you are.. what? An idiot bot? Well done.

State the specifics of your opinion about ( what? copyrights?) without the conflicts of this abhorrent public personality conflict. One that you abuse behind anonimity (so you thought). I have no idea who mike is and, well, I worry about other shit but you. have. issues. I’d inquire into a restraining order if this were my gig, at least until you can pose a fucking question that doesn’t include the dog that ate your favorite teddy bear when you were a kid. One’s opinion is one one, even one not fully formed, and yet you’re busy being a pussy because you don’t even have your own apart from the profit margin in your wallet.

Just another teat on bull with no calves to suckle your.. milk. .. Nothing.

Anonymous Coward says:

Yes, it's true about Masnick

Defend him all you like, but it does appear that he is a coward in being will to post things, yet unable or unwilling to stand up for what he says, or defend his position.

It’s one thing to just throw statements out as he does, it’s entirely different to be willing to debate those statements or answer reasonable criticisms of them.

This is after all what this comment section is meant for, it’s not simply to blow wind up Masnicks ass, although there is a great deal of that happening.

I’m am sure Masnick loves the adoration from the few who agree with him, but his inability to engage his detractors eliminates all of his credibility.

The people who think Masnick a god and unable to do any wrong will continue to fight for him, but his inability to fight for himself says far more than his supporters could ever.

It’s a shame, because the supporters of Masnick are not Masnick and clearly are unable to represent Masnick.

Masnick is also unable to represent himself, so why have a comment section at all ??

What is the point, or is it only to inflate Masnicks ego and nothing else.
It’s certainly not about ‘connecting with fans’, something I believe Masnick wants to promote. Apparently not.

btrussell (profile) says:

Re: Re: Yes, it's true about Masnick

It is just a place where people are given enough rope to hang themselves with their idiotic postings.

I hope you know a good lawyer as you are treading dangerously close to territory where you will soon need one.

P.S. Did you drop out of school? You have more time to post than anyone else here. Or is this the new job?

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