Anonymous Leaks Some NSA Documents About PRISM

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Well, this is getting interesting. Anonymous has now leaked some NSA documents about PRISM and related programs. You can see the documents over here and a slightly hyperbolic, but not unexpected, statement about the leak. The documents don’t appear to have anything that surprising or revealing beyond what people expected — and many appear to be fairly old. However, just the fact that such documents are being leaked is interesting, as it’s almost certain that more will be coming (and perhaps quite soon) about all of this government surveillance. And it’s no longer a case where people are just sitting around and accepting what the government is doing.

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Comments on “Anonymous Leaks Some NSA Documents About PRISM”

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out_of_the_blue says:

It's deliberate "leak" for a "limited hangout".

And as your last piece just confirmed, “this is hardly surprising”.

Get off the current and ask what the people who control NSA (and Google + other corporations) are doing in secret right now in Watford, England, at the Bilderberg convention. — If they were working for good, they’d do it in the open.

raindog469 (profile) says:

As I mentioned earlier...

I’d be more impressed with Anonymous’ “leak” if the same document hadn’t already been publicly available for the last two years on the military’s own site.*/

$ md5sum DoD*
7967f1ee6086189f84d8f19c3effa5d3 DoD_NetOps_Strategic_Vision-anon.pdf
7967f1ee6086189f84d8f19c3effa5d3 DoD_NetOps_Strategic_Vision-orig.pdf

Anonymous apparently knows how to use Google. Or, I suppose, DuckDuckGo.

horse with no name says:


It would make much more sense generally if you replaced the word “leaks” with the word “creates” as much of what comes out of these sources seems very suspect.

Worse, in this case they are claiming to leak documents that have already been out there. The only leak here is the one you took instead of checking facts.

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