DailyDirt: DIY Soda (Pop Or Whatever You Call Carbonated Beverages)

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Making your own carbonated soft drinks has a few benefits — from knowing where all the ingredients came from (eg. no brominated vegetable oil) to getting the satisfaction of creating your own custom flavoring. It’s not quite as simple as punching a button on a vending machine, but it’s not exactly rocket science, either. Here are just a few links on being your own soda jerk.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: DIY Soda (Pop Or Whatever You Call Carbonated Beverages)”

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Rekrul says:


If you check the net, you can find instructions for making your own version of the Sodastream carbonation device. Basically all it does is add pressurized CO2 to water to add the carbonation. You can do the same thing with a generic tank and some plumbing fittings. Then you just add the soda mix. It ends up being cheaper than using their over-priced CO2 canisters.

Technobob says:

Sodastream Ripoff

I feel sorry for people who buy the Sodastream if they are thinking its going to save them money. If you look at the cost of the consumables $40 for CO2 tank it carbonates 60L then the syrups average $8 they make 12L. So 1 CO2 cylinder plus 5 syrups will cost you $90 after tax (13% sales tax here) that breaks down to a cost of $1.50 per litre. Thats more then the cost of the major brands charge and in some cases double.

Also the Sodastream does a bad job when it comes to carbonating it only carbonates at 15psi. Many sodas need higher carbonation levels such as colas they are better served at 30psi.

Like Rekrul pointed out there are many cheaper ways to build a carbonator and you can buy the syrup from many sources. You can even buy your favorite Coke or Pepsi flavours if your willing to pay the premium price. My rig cost me $20 it consists of a CO2 bike pump and a tubeless tire valve.

G Thompson (profile) says:

Re: Sodastream Ripoff

Well I’m not sure about America but in Australia/New Zealand you do not buy a new cylinder and instead you replace the old empty one for a new refilled one.. Its an actual exchange and it only costs $30 for a 60L one.. (and that’s direct from Sodastream themselves .. cheaper from retailers)

The syrup costs RRP of $6.95 and seeing as a 2L bottle of coke from the supermarket costs when not on special of average $4.00 (a 1.25Litre bottle costs approx $2.80) Sodastream is very cost effective here.. The UK is equivalent in costs of coke/pepsi and savings I am told too.

Though I agree with you about the pressure difference’s and the ‘fizz’ it doesn’t really give.

Technobob says:

Re: Re: Sodastream Ripoff

It may work out cheaper in your country but here in Canada its twice the cost to run. A 2L Coke averages $1.50 to $2 and can be found on sale for $0.99.

My biggest problem I have with Sodasteam is the ridiculous price they charge for the CO2. They have the same $30 exchange price here for the cylinders but your paying a ridiculous cost for the CO2. I had a 20lb CO2 tank it cost me $23 to fill it enough to carbonate about 720L of soda at 30psi or about 1440L at 15psi. So for the $23 I would spend it would cost me $720 at the cylinder exchange rate for the same amount of CO2. That breaks down to a $1.15 per pound of CO2 but Sodastrem is charging $26 a pound.

If you want to save money I would recommend this kind of setup for $130 it may not be as pretty but it would fit in cupboard out of sight.


For the cost of a low end Sodastrem you would have the equivalent of an extra 5 cylinders CO2 that would cost another $150 on top of the cost of the Sodastream so half the cost. Then when your out of CO2 it would cost about $15 to refill the tank but at Sodasteams cost it would run you another $180 thats ridiculous.

If looks are important and you have $300 to $400 to spend you can build a nice kegerator and have soda and beer on tap.

Here are some great examples of home built kegerators they also have on this site lots of info for making your own sodas and beer.


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