CISPA Sponsor Mike Rogers May Go On To Lead The FBI

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We’ve often heard stories of politicians passing legislation soon before they left office, only to have that very same legislation help them in their next job (coincidentally, we’re sure). So it does seem interesting that Rep. Mike Rogers, the main champion behind CISPA, the privacy-destroy cybersecurity bill, is apparently a top candidate to head the FBI — so much so that the FBI Agents Association, representing 12,000 FBI agents, has officially stated that it would like him to take the job. I’m sure it would be much easier to run the FBI if it could have companies violate the privacy of their users without any possible liability (even if they promised to protect that privacy), which is exactly what CISPA would allow. For what it’s worth, there are a number of other candidates for the job, though it’s somewhat horrifying to see one other top candidate be Neil MacBride. He’s the former “anti-piracy” VP for the Business Software Alliance, who is now the US Attorney who has been driving the case against Kim Dotcom. Just imagine what kind of FBI there would be under his watch…

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Comments on “CISPA Sponsor Mike Rogers May Go On To Lead The FBI”

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Anonymous Coward says:

isn’t it strange how often this seems to happen? a shitter of a bill introduced that would rob some of something, giving certain industries or agencies certain other things ‘to make the job easier’, then Out Of The Blue, there is a career change! amazing!! not knowing who else may be in the running, if either of the two mentioned in the article were to ‘win’, that would be seriously scary!!

Joe Biden Is Involved (profile) says:

Biden oversees the search

According to the linked article, Joe Biden’s office is overseeing the search for the new FBI director. That’s the same Joe Biden whose biggest BFF is Chris Dodd, CEO of the MPAA. The same Joe Biden that Kim Dotcom believes to be personally responsible for the MegaUpload fiasco. The same Joe Biden whose former Staff Director and Chief Counsel was MegaUpload persecutor Neil MacBride, yet another of Biden’s BFFs. The same Joe Biden who’s widely seen as a likely 2016 candidate for the US Presidency. The same jackass who personally embodies the rapacious interests of the copyright monopolists and who evidently does absolutely everything possible to abuse and pervert the law according to their wishes.

Anonymous Coward says:

The FBI has become more and more dangerous with stuff like this. I mean they’ve been asking for backdoors in Google and Facebook services for a while now. So of course they’d want someone like Mike Rogers.

Still, it’s unbelievable the path the US government is taking, and the outrage doesn’t seem nearly big enough to stop this trend. If we don’t stop it here, expect much, much worse down the road

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