Dennis Yang's Favorite Posts of the Week

from the i-used-to-post-here dept

Hello Techdirt! I’m Dennis Yang. I was one of the original folks that helped Mike get Techdirt started way back when. Now, I’m working on something a little bit different called Bureau of Trade, which, despite its official-sounding name, has actually nothing to do with anything remotely governmental. That said, it’s been a long, long while since I’ve posted anything on Techdirt, so when Mike asked me to do a Favorites post, I leapt at the opportunity.

And, that’s it for this week — thanks to the Techdirt team for writing a great flight of posts this week.

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Comments on “Dennis Yang's Favorite Posts of the Week”

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out_of_the_blue says:

After 3 hours 40 minutes, charity comment:

Funniest, accidentally, this week was Timothy Geigner, aka Dark Helmet, with characteristic overly-contrived attempt to turn a phrase:
“Everyone by now is also aware of how afraid the Chinese government is of their citizens getting their hands on any information or news that the government hasn’t scrubbed more clean than someone with OCD after exiting a sewer.”

Timmy wants to father a joke there, but after a few key strokes he’s giggling at his own wit and loses his little diction.

Mine^ is wit done right: punnish, based in fact for an effective barb, and re-usable too, in any social setting. — Go ahead and steal it, kids. Every time you use it without attribution, conscience will prick you, ha.

[Reminded of a DND-type book glanced into at least 20 years ago: “Her thoughts were as confused as those of a woman with PMS.” — After reading it over a few times in stunned disbelief, of course I put it back on the shelf. NEVER put acronyms into DND novels, spoils the illusion of milieu. Nor into jokes unless required and topical; otherwise just STOPS the flow.]

Anonymous Coward says:

Brown Nosing Google

It is preposterous that people are actually excited about being spied upon daily by any Yeehaa dick#ead wearing spy glasses making normal activity like buying milk at a convenience store an opportunity for some sick f#ck to watch you bending over picking up a newspaper and later finding it has gone viral on you tube. I f#cking hate spies.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Brown Nosing Google

Okay AC, I’ll just tell everyone that they aren’t allowed to have wardrobe malfunctions or wear anything that is not a burqa in public anymore because some douchenozzle wants to wear his creepy spy glasses and pleasure himself to all the captured footage he finds when he gets home later.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Brown Nosing Google

I hate to agree with the anonymous jerks but I have to agree. The difference between a cell phone and the glasses is that the glasses don’t normally come off. Someone who is recording everything with a cell phone is very much going to make a spectacle of himself carrying it around and will likely be told at least once to stop (or at least will inconvenience themselves to where they may not record for extended periods of time).

But the glasses? They don’t come off. Any errant embarrassing movement in public is now immortalized in the internet.

I hope you don’t try to check your fly while someone is wearing these douchegoggles or you may find yourself part of a new Reddit meme. I suspect people merely wearing these glasses will be accosted by many angry bypassers once they realize what exactly the glasses are doing.

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