CISPA Passes Markup Phase, But It Doesn't Look Like Much Was Fixed

from the still-a-bad-bill dept

As expected, CISPA passed the House Intelligence Committee today after a closed markup session. The vote was 18-2, and according to Tony Romm at Politico, all of the amendments that were backed by the original authors of the bill were adopted. If that’s the case, we’re talking about a bunch of changes that sound nice but don’t accomplish much, such as dropping the “national security” provisions while broadening the definition of cybersecurity to encompass almost anything, requiring the government to remove personal information from shared data (once it’s already in the hands of the government), and explicitly preventing companies from using data they receive for marketing purposes (which seems to go against previous insistence that the information shared would only be highly technical threat data).

CISPA is expected to go to the full house for a vote next week. As we get a closer look at the bill in its latest state, we’ll do a more detailed analysis — but as it stands there’s little reason to believe that any of the core problems have been fixed (and we’re still waiting for someone to explain in clear, specific terms why this bill is needed at all).

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Comments on “CISPA Passes Markup Phase, But It Doesn't Look Like Much Was Fixed”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

I love getting all my hard-cutting news about cyber-security from mediocre, Canadian rappers! It’s like Eight Mile up in here.

He’d have to rise meteorically to even approach mediocre.

Thanks, Techdirt! You’re the bestest!! You’ve hired the mos!t hard-hitting, intelligent people there are in the biz!

Masnick doesn’t really believe in paying for content, so you get unemployable dreck like Marcus working for TD; who desperately believes that a paying gig awaits him…… somewhere. In fact, he’s more of a Norman Bates-in-waiting; a sallow, pathetic, longterm resident of Mom’s basement growing increasingly bitter over the world’s failure to acknowledge his art who blindly lashes out at those with actual talent for wrongfully taking his place in the public’s eye.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Atleast he keeps trying, you already are at the point where you spend your time yelling at others;

That’s one way of looking at it. The other would be to view it as an almost unimaginable exercise in self-deception.

who is more pathetic the one who tries or the one who uses his time to mock other peoples efforts?

You obviously didn’t see the video.

Anonymous Coward says:

“When I say Marcus, you say Carab.

Marcus! Carab! Marcus! Carab!”

If I ever said that, it would indeed be deserving of mockery, but I’m pretty sure you’re just hallucinating.

Oh, you’re plenty deserving of mockery for that public bowel movement on the stage. Hahahaha…. at least you got a “wooooooo” from you Mom at 2:25. I presume she was the only one left in the room at that point.

Now I understand your hatred of copyright. Failed artists often are unable to come to grips with their talentlessness and are embittered by a “system” that fails to recognize their self-styled greatness.

Even putting the most charitable spin on this abomination….. you just stink. Alternately lurching around like a man with a palsy and bowing repeatedly (in shame?) while sputtering gibberish into the mike; sets a new standard for embarrassment.

I only wish I’d been there with a bushel of rotten tomatoes to give you the pelting you so richly deserve. If you have a shred of dignity left, you will link this to an abject, videotaped apology; begging the forgiveness of all of those you subjected to hot, steaming pile of shit.

Anonymous Coward says:

Looks like you’ve sought solace among your fellow sycophants on Insider Chat. Notably, no one even was charitable enough to say your rap song wasn’t “that bad”. That should tell you all you need to know about your talent.

Leigh Beadon: AJ sure is in a bad mood today

While I’m not AJ- I was in a fine mood until I foolishly clicked on the link to your hideously embarrassing “performance”. You’re probably too young to remember “The Gong Show” but I can truthfully say, if you’d ever appeared on it, Chuck Barris would have personally slapped your stupid face after your act.

I don’t know why in God’s name you openly and deliberately degrade yourself like this. Surely theres a competent therapist in Canada that you can discuss your sociopathic need of public humiliation.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Anyone else notice that it’s the copyright maximalists who claim they’re all about protecting the artists who are also the ones most quick to insult actual content creators? Not too surprising. They don’t like artists or culture. They just like artists they can screw over for money.

Ninja (profile) says:

Re: Re:

They are paid to poison any discussion. It happened quite clearly during the elections here in Brazil. I know insiders in the main political parties and they PAY for people to disrupt any sane discussion with non-points. The behavior of the trolls here at TD follow the exact same pattern. It is interesting that there are 1 or 2 full time trolls which I assume to be from the MAFIAA but every now and then a few others kick in (like in this topic). I’m not sure who is their employer but we can take fairly accurate guesses if we put some effort in it.

The fact that they can only throw insults, ad homs and whatever instead of providing a proper rebuttal evidence and fact based is rather telling. Much like what happened here in Brazil. Baseless accusations with even religious/faith involved flew around with little to no discussion over the real issues from said trolls.

And honestly, TD community does a good job filtering them out.

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