DailyDirt: Fighting The Next Pandemic

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The last flu season was pretty rough, but there’s a new H7N9 strain that has no vaccine (yet!) and is starting to infect and kill people (instead of sticking to birds). We’re just about coming to the tenth anniversary of SARS, and we’re still creating over 100 million flu vaccines every year using egg embryos — a process that takes months, time that we might not have if a really serious flu strain spreads quickly across the globe. Here are a few projects that are making vaccines more quickly.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Fighting The Next Pandemic”

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Anonymous Coward says:

and this is exactly why you need big Pharm companies thriving, and making money off what they already produce.

You cannot expect some backyard cloning company to produce these vaccines.

“DARPA has a challenge out to anyone who can produce vaccines at a rate of 10 million doses in a month. [url]”

so with a population of 300 million (the US), you would only have to wait 30 months to produce a vaccine for a YEARLY changing pathogen, by they time you’ve produced the vaccine for your population they are either dead or the virus has changed!!!!

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