Spoof Time Warner Cable Site And Video Asks Customers 'What Can We Do Worse?'

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Last week, a lot of people liked that video about what a TV commercial would be for an honest cable company (ah, if only truth in advertising laws really worked…). And, soon after that came out, a few people alerted us to a new “gripes site” called TWCCustomerService.com, claiming to be (you guessed it) Time Warner Cable Customer Service… but using the slogan “Enjoy Worse.” They put up a video in which they pose as Time Warner Cable Customer Service employees walking the streets of New York asking people what they can do to make their service worse. The original video on YouTube has been taken down, but other copies are being uploaded in a bunch of places.

The website itself has a list of helpful facts, such as:

We have a monopoly in parts of New York City and no incentive to provide customer service.

We will bill you for services you don’t have and fight you when you dispute the charges.

We will set up appointment times that force you to miss work then cancel at the last second.

We can record your phone call but you can’t record ours.

Even if you report a service outage you will still be charged.

If you call one of our customer service experts to disconnect your internet we will continue to charge you indefinitely until you return our modem. We will make no mention of this during our phone call.

We have one star on Yelp.

Our customer service people routinely “play dumb” during an outage and are rude to subscribers calling for service.

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index ranked Time Warner Cable the 8th worst in the country!

Clearly whoever put together the site is… well… not a happy customer. They also include a… um… “message” from TWC CEO Glenn Britt.

As gripe sites go, these guys are definitely pushing it, but it’s ridiculous to think that anyone viewing the site would actually think that it’s an official TWC site (the guys on the street may be a different story…).

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Comments on “Spoof Time Warner Cable Site And Video Asks Customers 'What Can We Do Worse?'”

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Adam (profile) says:

I Understand Cable Frustration

I can understand the frustration required to put up a site like this after my most recent encounter with a cable company that just happened today.

I work for a company that has locations spread across a decent sized region and one of the things I do is managing our communications (phones & internet). Because of this I have dealt with providers that range from the single town telephone coop to the big guys like Comcast, Verizon, and CenturyLink. I thought I had seen crazy after doing this for years but just today I have a new definition of crazy.

I have a new location that is in a city that signed an exclusive franchise agreement with a cable provider years ago. Somehow, even though they are the only provider allowed in city limits, they don’t have cable in the ground near our building. If I want them to bury a cable I have to pay 100% of the trenching fee. That price estimate came in at $98,000. I almost laughed in the salespersons face when I was told that price.

Mark Lensenmayer (profile) says:

TIme Warner Central Ohio

Time Warner Cable in Central Ohio is pretty good, mainly because of competition. From my house, I have WideOpenWest cable and ATT U-Verse already on the pole at the street.

I have the Time Warner Signature Home package, and I get almost instant assistance on a phone call and usually can get a service tech out in a few hours. I’m sure that if this competition did not exist here, things would not be as good.

cealie says:

TWC still charging me because of modem

Looks like it’s a policy to not mention that they will continue to charge you until you return that old, used, obsolete modem. They’ve probably given me a bad credit report already because I’m 3 months “past due”. I’m returning it on Saturday but I’m not paying the $134 they charged me after I requested to be disconnected. What a bunch of crooks.

RScott5225 (profile) says:

How do I get in touch with you guys to further your discontent with Time Warner Cable?

Clearly you all have went out of your way to voice your opinion about Time Warner and what a shitty company they are. They must have done something to really piss you all off too.

I am an internet Marketer and my smear campaign for TWC has just begun. I was hoping someone might contact me so we can share an idea or 2 about this horrible company.

If someone would be so kind as to contact me about this, I would be very thankful. I have begun to send backlinks to yours and a few other article in hopes that they will be seen more in the search engines, and I’d be glad to do anything I and my team can to further your campaign.

Thanks in advance!!

Rob Scott

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