Peter Hansmeier Denies Connection To Prenda Cases Via Document That Shows He's Connected To The Cases

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And the latest story in As The Prenda Turns… comes (once again) from Ken over at Popehat. As you may recall, Judge Otis Wright hosted a big hearing in which he ordered pretty much everyone associated with Prenda Law to appear. We had talked about how there was a filing from some of the key players seeking to get out of the lawsuit. John Steele, Paul Duffy, Paul Hansmeier and Angela van den Hemel had hired a lawyer, Heather Rosing, who filed a notice on their behalf arguing that they shouldn’t have to appear. She also showed up in court when they did not. Except, those four people, while closely linked together, were not everyone that Wright had ordered to show up. Among the others were Paul Hansmeier’s brother, Peter Hansmeier and Mark Lutz. I was a bit surprised that the judge didn’t seem to comment on the fact that neither seemed to file anything or to have a representative in court.

Well, it turns out that at least Peter Hansmeier tried to take things into his own hands and tried (and failed) to file a similar document pro se (representing himself) asking out of having to show up, arguing both that there was no jurisdiction over him and that he had nothing to do with anything. This document was filed back on March 8th, the same day as the Rosing filing for the reset of Team Prenda, but was only just recently put into PACER. There are a number of nutty things about this. First, the fact that Peter is filing pro se, rather than teaming up with his brother and his brother’s partners. As Ken opines:

You know, if I got my brother involved in an enterprise that culminated in a furious federal judge demanding that he fly across the country to show cause why he shouldn’t be sanctioned, I think I’d step up and represent my brother, or ask my attorney to represent my brother, or hire a separate attorney for my brother.

But, instead, Peter was apparently hung out to dry. And, because of that he made some mistakes. Some small, some big, but together they’re pretty damning. The biggest is that he claims to have nothing to do with any of this… but he claims that he’s representing Livewire Holdings LLC — one of the key entities involved in this whole mess, which Judge Wright has already made clear he believes is really a big part of the likely Prenda fraud. Ken goes all quickmeme on the matter:

There’s also the fact that he claims he’s in Minnesota, while claiming to be representing Livewire and giving its DC address. Oh, and the fact that you can’t pro se for a corporation, but only for yourself. And then there’s the other part which helped Judge Wright easily brush aside this request since, procedurally, he was required to give notice to the other parties in the case that he was making this motion, and he failed to do so. All combined, Ken points out that connecting yourself to an entity at the center of this while denying any connection is “a blunder of epic proportions.” If only Peter could have found an actual lawyer to prevent him from making such mistakes…

Maybe if someone had referred Peter to a competent lawyer, or even hired one for him, he might have avoided such a blunder. Instead, it appears that the lawyers who got him into this mess — including his own brother — let him appear pro se and effectively incriminate himself.

That’s some cold shit, yo.

Of course, some of that presumes that Paul Hansmeier is “a competent lawyer,” and I think we can reserve judgment on that one…

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Comments on “Peter Hansmeier Denies Connection To Prenda Cases Via Document That Shows He's Connected To The Cases”

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That One Guy (profile) says:

Re: This never wears out for you, does it?

The desperation is strong in this one…

But on a more serious note, thanks for all the dramatic handwaving, and vain attempts at making this whole hilarious mess seem like just some minor thing that’s not worth following, as your sad attempts at trying to deflect attention from Prenda and co.’s activities is almost as funny as their attempts at the same.

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Re: This never wears out for you, does it?

Everyone, I’m going to ask nicely… can we please just stop responding already?
I’m tired of scrolling and scrolling to get past all of the replies, well intentioned and all that you think might get him to change his mind and start posting funny cat pictures.
Its not going to happen, and every time you respond to him god kills a kitten for what he is doing.

If you want to make your point and win, hit report each and every time and remain silent. Then the rest of us can discuss the actual story without all of the extra fluff trying to correct the bad behavior. It’ll remove the stupid post, and stop feeding his ego.

Won’t someone think of the kittens or poor ootb’s eyesight. If he keeps it up he is going to go blind.

Anti-Troll says:

Re: Re: Re: This never wears out for you, does it?

Every reply to a troll is a victory for them. You think you’re smacking them down? You’re not. What you are doing is exactly what That Anonymous Coward said; you’re feeding his ego. That’s why he’s still here; it’s a veritable buffet thanks to all the people who have no self control. That is all you’re doing, nothing more. A troll does not give a damn what you say in your replies to them, only that you reply. In so doing, you aid them in quickly derailing the conversation. And when it gets bad enough? People stop visiting the site. So if you truly wish to hurt a troll, hit him where it hurts the absolute most. Click the report button and say absolutely nothing at all. If everyone could do that, he’d shrivel up and die inside in no time. Isn’t that enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Dave says:

Re: This never wears out for you, does it?

It just so happens that this might be an interesting story and people like to follow alleged scams and frauds. Ever thought of that? …..I thought not. It’s like a report in a newspaper (to put things in the most simple way for your poor befuddled brain to try and comprehend) but I dare say your intelligence doesn’t run to reading one of those. I suppose you might look at the pictures if you hold it up the right way.

That One Guy (profile) says:

Time for some well deserved schadenfreude

Gotta say, there are few things more delightful than reading about a pack of bullies and extortionists finding out the very hard way what happens when someone in the legal system decides to actually go after them for their actions(be nice if it happened more often, but it’s certainly a nice start).

Watching them flail around, desperately trying to avoid some richly deserved punishment, or even having to show up in court and answer some hard questions from someone unwilling to just accept whatever they are told, you just can’t help smile and laugh.

special-interesting (profile) says:

Re: Time for some well deserved schadenfreude

It seems there is some pent up emotions about the subject of copyright lawyers using antiquated laws updated and pushed by (desperate?) media monopolies protecting ancient business models. Sponsoring legislation making civil copyright affairs into federal crime enforcement might just cross the line into unacceptable corporate behavior. Oh, sweet irony is rare.

Possibly it’s based on the innate unfairness that new computer and Internet technologies have wrought on the public at large unable to wrest the popular support such lawmaking requires. If there was any fairness to law it will not make illegal things which your children can do on their phones and still try to expand the functionality of such devices also. (not just DRM them out of existence)

Haven’t heard much in mainstream media (Not a surprise its possible that even reporters don’t want to follow up on porn chasing lawyers?) but it would be nice if this would become a focal point for public support of antiquated copyright laws.

What we want is for society to grow up with technology not become a breakpoint/choke-point. Rallying publicly funded political backing takes longer than Hollywood special interest action so there is a disparity of political forces. Public backlash for such abuse of power is not unprecedented.

So far all this is a… distraction! Evasions from the real issuers of cultural sharing and building a society based on such free flow of information. There are many players who want to control the flow of information and revise history itself. (Classic nationalistic behavior of winner/dominator writes history.)

If a wish was granted some path tying, the not so far fetched possibility of, Prendaa and associates to the alleged seeding of a honey pot for the entrapment of a likely very vulnerable social group. Such a link would allow for pointed questions on the stand to either get the truth (or lies) or at least elicit telltale 5th amendment pleas. Such behavior may not be unique and should be examined and if proof can be established it might prove explosive to highlighting copyright law shame.

Have not stopped reading books by no means but some time on the 2nd is definitely reserved. Will stock up on consumables if only to throw some at the screen. It should be a thrill and there are bound to be the most outrageous statements and preposterous claims ever.

Blast! Another huge essay for just a word or two originally wanted to say. No Lincoln addresses for me. (worlds, almost, shortest political speech)

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