DailyDirt: Making Murderless Meat

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The food industry has a growing number of problems, ranging from food labeling to determining what ingredients are actually considered safe to eat. One of the oldest issues people have brought up about food is whether or not to eat meat. It’s a serious question, but the answers aren’t so easy for the multi-billion dollar meat industry. Someday, meat producers may need to change their ways, and here are just a few dramatic suggestions.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Making Murderless Meat”

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Anonymous Coward says:

P.E.T.A. is awesome! I love those fuckers and how they care about animals more than people.
You’d think with many people as there are starving to death at the very moment their priorities would be to help them first instead of a fucking cow.

I’ll never donate to those pricks when it could go to a child, homeless, or whoever is down on their luck.

Now I’m gonna go pound down a few brews and cook a hamburger.

Mike C. (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Seen on Fark recently: PETA… Proudly Euthanizing Thousands of Animals

And the link associated with the post goes to their official filing with the state of Virginia how they killed almost 90% of the animals they took in…


So some intrepid Farker took the time to compare PETA to other humane/animal rescue outfits in VA and came up with this interesting post:

From the link, PETA Virginia’s stats: 1,877 animals taken in, 1,675 euthanized, about 90%
Looking at the same source, for all humane societies (including PETA): 10,143 animals taken in, 2,519 euthanized, about 25%
That means that for non-PETA humane societies in Virginia, you’re looking at 8,266 animals taken in and 844 animals euthanized, about 10%.
Why does PETA have a 90% euthanasia rate while the rest of the humane societies in Virginia combine for a 10% rate?

/Things that make you go hmmmm….

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I love the Nat Geo channel

actually, that kind of thing CAN happen, although unfortunately it rarely turns out well for the predators. I know of at least one wolf sanctuary that has had the wolves released, and the alpha male wolf is confirmed killed (which means upheaval in the pack even if the remaining wolves are recovered). Unfortunately, with many predators in captivity, they no longer know how to act in the wild.

art guerrilla (profile) says:

the problem isn't the chickens...

…its US ! ! !

we are taking a natural, sustainable system of LOCALLY and DISPERSED livestock raising, and turning it into an unnatural, unsustainable, over-concentrated which DOES NOT WORK over the long term…

it ain’t ‘natural’ to have 50 000+ chickens (or other livestock) confined in warehouses; it ain’t ‘natural’ to have huge poo lagoons concentrated in one area; it ain’t ‘natural’ to have them so debilitated by such conditions that they are unable to be raised in such a fashion without the input of GROSS amounts of antibiotics and other chemical/medical treatments which are not generally required for ‘normal’, dispersed, localvore systems…
(something like 70-90% of the antibiotics used in our country go to livestock!)

no, we don’t need to breed eyeless, beakless, headless zombie chickens, etc; we simply need to reform our unnatural, unsustainable Big Agra practices, and return to a chicken in every garage !

we’ve tried to cheat systems which will not tolerate being cheated, and the -ahem- chickens are coming home to roost with virulent bacteria and acre-feet of poop laden with toxic goop…

as the old commercial says:
its not nice to fool mother nature!

art guerrilla
aka ann archy

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