Senator Tweets About 'Very Uncomfortable' TSA Pat Down: 'OMG'

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A few years ago, we wrote about how many elected officials in Congress get to skip through airport security when they fly — which might explain why they’re not so concerned with the intrusive nature (and lack of effectiveness) of today’s security theater at airports. It turns out that this only applies when they travel with law enforcement. At other times, if they’re traveling alone, they do, in fact, have to go through the standard TSA process, and it appears that Senator Claire McCaskill was not too happy about her latest experience:

She later said that this sort of #veryuncomfortable and “OMG” experience is something she’s gone through frequently due to the fact that she has a metal knee.

Of course, the real question is whether or not this will actually change anything at all. As some have pointed out, Senator McCaskill has been criticizing such pat downs for years (while also arguing in favor of “full body scanners”) and it hasn’t changed much. In some ways, it just feels like another piece of the theater act.

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Comments on “Senator Tweets About 'Very Uncomfortable' TSA Pat Down: 'OMG'”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

the tests they use are actually extremely sensitive- they are tripped if the bag in question has been used in the past to transport drugs/explosives ( they are that sensitive because the same level of drug residue can indicate concealment of drugs). Hence why you are subjected to further scrutiny- it’s to check why the test turned up positive. If you simply used the bag to transport drugs during a trip to the Netherlands, for example, the test would trip, but it doesn’t block entry into the US. Similarly, at the border, they are less bothered by if you’ve used explosives in the past as to if you’re going to blow up the plane. ( Immigration might care, but that’s not the TSA’s problem)

gorehound (profile) says:

Nothing but a Theater Act to get more Votes.I await their actions in reigning in the losers at the TSA.
When the Politicians truly do something real then I will believe it but until then it is business as Usual.

I fly very rarely and would rather take a train or rent a car.I have cut many plans………….things I could of done.
I hate the TSA !

TasMot (profile) says:

But where are the terrorists

After 12 years of “travelers are criminals” treatment at the airport, they still haven’t caught any terrorists. They’ve thrown away lots of toothpaste, water and soda pop (I can still see the trash can full of these hazardous materials right next to the screening area where it makes me feel so much safer). But no terrorists! There are plenty of stories of airports being emptied after someone self-reports that they brought in a gun, but no terrorists. Oh wait, I know “See its working, no terrorists”. But they still don’t seem to be able to catch the people who “accidently” have a gun and aren’t even trying to hide it. How are they going to catch the ones that are trying to hide them. Its actually quite easy to break down a gun into pieces and hide the pieces in the clutter of a regular suitcase. Never mind, I remember now, “Just trust them, they know how to grope every ones’ genitals without my help”.

Liz (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Even though there is a “Social Conservative” struggle here in the United States, this country does remain fairly progressive with regards to the individual. There are openly gay and transgender people holding public office, as well as a number of cyborgs in government positions. Even though some have elected to have minor modifications such as pacemakers, artificial hearts, and hearing implants (ocular implants are in development). There are a few who are on their way to full cybernetic conversion.

However don’t let this idyllic vision of our country direct your focus away from the darker side. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has yet to gain a reasonable foothold within our system. In fact, it appears that any measurable form of intelligence seems to be lacking on a grand scale.

Bergman (profile) says:

It's surprisingly easy to false-positive an explosives detector

They don’t actually scan for the complex molecules of the actual explosives, just for key components that are far easier to detect.

A good example of this, is that they scan for nitroglycering, dynamite, etc by detecting nitrates and glycerin. Someone who has both on them will false positive the detector.

Blow bubbles with your grand children, then change a diaper, and you have enough nitrate and glycerin residue to set off the detector even days later, even if you wash your hands.

special-interesting (profile) says:

Where is the basic trust we shared as Americans gone? What lovable societal meem was lost when the TSA entered the scene.

Degrading into conspiracy theory: A direct result of DEA policy of supporting foreign suppliers of drugs.

If one was really against terrorism then they would remove all the laws regulating drugs including prescriptions. This would remove any monetary support for gangs, hoodlums, most terror cells, gangsters, motivation for many bank robberies and the development of new drugs based on societal use. (don’t laugh as many current drugs were first found by individual use and its success as such)

In all that we consider the feelings of an elected representative’s feelings about being searched with the scrutiny to find even a hidden jump drive.

-two page rant tossed into campfire-

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