DailyDirt: Not-So-Gross National Products

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Public bathrooms everywhere have been trying to reduce their water, energy and paper product usage. There was even a $100,000 prize from the Gates Foundation to design a better toilet. Toilet paper could be the next bathroom product that’s ripe for disruption, so ponder a few of these articles next time you’re on the thinker.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Not-So-Gross National Products”

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Ninja (profile) says:

Recycled toilet paper relies on the quality of the products it’s made from, so if there’s less office paper waste — recycled toilet paper is either going to get more expensive or feel even less like “normal” TP

The anal region is highly irrigated (no wonder the most dangerous type of sexual relation for infectivity by the HIV is the anal one). Which takes us to a pretty serious problem. Suppose you use office paper to produce such recyclable TP. It most certainly will come with ink/powder from ink jet and laser printers not to mention ink from all sorts of pens. How well is this type of residue removed from the paper? I mean it can’t be healthy to have printer ink residue be absorbed and fall in your blood, right?

Kevin (profile) says:

More toilet friendly paper

I propose that all newspapers, telephone directories and copy paper become toilet friendly. Yes we need softer newspapers etc. Maybe a home machine that can perforate and aerate paper that turns harsh papers into soft tissues.
Better a patent the idea. The Perfaerator.
Then I guess the printers would object over copyright issues. Transferring print to one’s rear may be considered illegal copying.
Come to think about it what did people do during the depression era. Maybe a Perfaerator already exists.

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