Infographic: Celebrating Internet Freedom Day & The Anniversary Of The SOPA/PIPA Protests

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It’s January 18th, 2013, and that’s a day worthy of note: the one year anniversary of the widespread protests against SOPA and PIPA. Not only did the massive reaction from the internet community succeed in stopping these dangerous bills that would have curtailed free speech and innovation online, the protests sent shockwaves through the world of politics. In a true manifestation of democracy, the combined voice of the people overruled the lobbyists and backroom dealers who, only weeks before, were smugly assured of the new law’s passage.

To celebrate that victory, a bunch of groups involved in the ongoing fight for internet freedom have come together to declare Internet Freedom Day on January 18th. Here at Techdirt, we’re marking the occasion with an infographic looking back at the day the internet community became a political force to be reckoned with:

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Comments on “Infographic: Celebrating Internet Freedom Day & The Anniversary Of The SOPA/PIPA Protests”

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Anonymous Coward With A Unique Writing Style says:

Re: Re:

Still sore about the loss, huh? Yeah, I would be too if I’d spent months trolling Techdirt back then gloating about your inevitable victory, followed up by a mad scramble the week of the SOPA vote/protect trying like to hell to silence any critics and dismiss any of the valid points raised concerning potential SOPA abuse.

You guys were so sure you were going to have your way it must still really chafe like hell to realize you don’t stand a chance when the public actually gets its way and has its elected official actually listen to them. I’d be pissed as fuck too if something similar happened to me.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY’RE LISTENING TO THE PUBLIC?!?!” I do wonder though just how many shills and trolls like yourself blew a collective gasket and were unable to pick up a keyboard after that.

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