Dan Bull's Latest Song: We Are All Aaron Swartz

from the carry-on-his-work-that-still-needs-completing dept

Dan Bull, whose music we’ve featured on Techdirt many times, has put together a song as a tribute to Aaron Swartz, entitled We Are All Aaron Swartz. It’s short and sweet but makes the two key points: the loss of Aaron is terrible for the world, but also that the burden is now on the rest of us to continue Aaron’s work.

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Comments on “Dan Bull's Latest Song: We Are All Aaron Swartz”

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commenter8 (profile) says:

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Anonymous Coward says:

Dan is a good singer. Maybe I should write a song for Aaron Swartz.

Aron Swartz Tribute
(Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, no attribution required and you can’t require attribution of any remixes you make)

Aran Swartz was a prodigy, it ain?t fair that his life had to end short because our society likes to lock down information, block you from getting a decent education and go after academics and intimidate those seeking to improve our knowledge with didactic interrogation tactics. The rest of the world is catching up and surpassing us intellectually, using that knowledge to improve their economy by creating superior engineering and manufacturing jobs and technology. Instead of facilitating those who want to expand their knowledge, encouraging people to actually learn and go to college, we deter those seeking self improvement, artificially inflate the cost of information and punish those seeking to expand our economic movement (like Aaron Swartz). Innovation starts with prior knowledge and the spread of information is pertinent to the creation and production of new products. but, alas, excess control and monopolistic profit supersedes the importance of our economic success.

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