DailyDirt: Adapting To A TL;DR Future

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With the ever growing amount of content to read/watch/hear, humans are going to need to figure out much more efficient ways to consume information. Speed reading will only get us so far, and then we’re going to have to rely on ways to filter out irrelevant stuff so we can focus more on just the things that we really need to see. Here are just a few early attempts to get computers to help us out with information overload.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Adapting To A TL;DR Future”

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Travicane says:

Miles Wide and an Inch Deep:

Useless and counterproductive, unless accompanied by tools and, the desire, to drill down into the resulting river of superficial shit to actually learn something useful and productive – not just more bullshit talking points.

Politicians and Cable News networks already have superficial fully covered, and traditional print news are aggressively working towards the same sort trivialization.

End of small Rant!

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