Kickalicious Uses YouTube Video To Get A Tryout With The NY Jets

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The stories of how YouTube has lowered the barrier for entry into the entertainment business are becoming common enough that they're no longer the shock they once were. Justin Bieber got himself noticed on YouTube, of course. Add to his story that of Rebecca Black and Gangnam Style and we begin to see YouTube as a steady platform for musical stardom. While there are certainly examples of movie magic happening on YouTube as well, this has long been the realm of music and weird memes.

That's what makes the story of Norwegian futbol player Havard Rugland so much fun, now that his YouTube kicking video has gone viral and led to a tryout with the New York Jets football squad. The video itself is insane, nearly as insane as Rugland potentially becoming an NFL kicker when he doesn't know a thing about the game.

The events leading to an NFL tryout from that video began when Rugland's futbol team disbanded. He had a booming leg, but now he had to figure out what to do with it. Apparently the Rockettes weren't hiring, because Rugland turned instead to videos of NFL kickers, studying how they performed their craft.

Using tools not typically associated with athletic prowess — YouTube, Facebook, Skype and Gmail — Rugland parlayed a homemade video that went viral into a tryout as a kicker with the Jets last week. He might be the first professional prospect to replace college football experience with social media savvy. In the four-minute video, posted on YouTube in mid-September under the title “Kickalicious,” the left-footed Rugland pulls off some of the most amusing tricks with a football since Lucy began duping Charlie Brown. It has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

If you took the time to watch the video above and have managed to put your jaw back in place, all you really need to know about it is that the video has been independently verified as real and un-doctored. After the video went viral, a former NFL kicker in the States found it and connected with Rugland via Facebook. From there it was a simple matter of networking before Rugland was working out with American coaches. Soon after, the New York Jets came calling.

[Jets Assistant General Manager Scott] Cohen was reluctant to give details about last week’s workout but said the Jets saw enough to conclude that Rugland had a chance to play in the N.F.L. Rugland said the Jets wanted him to return for a workout in March. He added that he planned to spend the next few months in Norway practicing field goals and kickoffs (he is leaving the trick shots behind).

Rugland has also hired an agent, Jill McBride Baxter. After Rugland’s tryout with the Jets, Baxter said, the Oakland Raiders, the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles expressed interest in him.

He'll have to impress in March, but Rugland looks to have a good shot at becoming the first NFL football player resulting from a viral YouTube video.

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Comments on “Kickalicious Uses YouTube Video To Get A Tryout With The NY Jets”

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I just want to use the term "puntificate" says:

Re: piracy

I know this post is in jest, but the video should be pulled.

If the music didn’t add value, he wouldn’t have had it.

Not to over puntificate on the topic, but run a little experiment. Play the video again WITHOUT the music.

What do you see? Not a NFL kicker for sure. Maybe Arena Football, perhaps Canadian Football — at. best.

You can continue to deny the value of music, but again and again it’s worth is proven.

nasch (profile) says:

Re: Re: piracy

I know this post is in jest, but the video should be pulled.

If the music didn’t add value, he wouldn’t have had it.

Why does everything have to be a zero-sum game? I had never even heard of the Dropkick Murphys until I saw the video, and I’m sure plenty of others are the same. I would imagine they would be furious if a 1.5 million view video with their music on it got pulled. On the other hand, they could be idiots, I don’t know.

gab4moi (profile) says:


Now hold on there, Norwegian dude, surely the footwear manufacturers of the boots you are wearing in the video have a claim on your ‘innovative’ kicking style, there must also be a patent on ‘forcefully impelling inflated, stitched pigskin oval shaped object between two vertical upright erections’ and you may have ‘kickstarted’ a career here, but that term in itself must be subject to multiple copyrights regarding online investments in new entities!

Let the games begin!

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