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Beer has been around for centuries, and it’s arguably responsible for the development of civilization and the prevention of waterborne illnesses. Beer is still evolving and improving as food scientists play around with the yeasts and the ingredients that go into making modern beers. Before you head off to happy hour, check out a few of these beer-related factoids.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Beer Googling”

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Wally (profile) says:

“Microbiologists are engineering beer foam that lasts longer by identifying a gene in yeast for producing proteins with better bubble stability. But will nose grease still work to get rid of the foam?”

The problem is not too much foam or too little…it’s a matter of getting it just right. As an American, I grew up viewing that the perfect glass of beer had anywhere between 1 or 3 centimeters of foam from the top of the liquid. To achieve this, all one has to do is hold the can or bottle of beer at a 45 degree angle in the pouring hand, place the lip of the bottle or can at the rim of a glass, and gradually pour in the liquid like you were slowly turning a steering wheel and pour it so that both glass and bottle are moving in the same general direction. The result is just enough foam to make a good drink and general presentation.

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