DailyDirt: Economic Phenomena, Not Just Theories

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It’s sometimes difficult to verify economic theories in the real world because it can be expensive to “test” really important policies. But as more and more people play increasingly realistic video games with active marketplaces, there may be ways to observe real economic phenomena in virtual economies. Here are just a few interesting observations on the topic of scarcity.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Economic Phenomena, Not Just Theories”

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mudlock (profile) says:

Re: if only...

I know this is meant to be a joke, and that I’m about to ruin it but:

A PLS works by taking a portion of the interest that would be paid to all savers, siphoning it off, and giving it all to one winner. But the government already has a way to siphon off everyone else’s savings: create inflation. Which, arguably, it should be doing now anyway, so I guess you’re right after all.

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