Syria Cut Off From The Internet Again

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Earlier this summer, we wrote about Syria briefly deleting itself from the internet. We wondered about the logic behind this, seeing as other countries who attempted this — namely, Egypt and Libya — had regime change follow quite closely after such a decision. Furthermore, not too long ago, reports were that the Syrian government was trying to use the internet to get its own story out. Of course, a lot has happened in Syria in the interim. So perhaps views have changed.

Reports came out quickly today that the Syrian internet went almost entirely offline. Renesys, who reported this first, also provides some striking graphics on the situation:

I can’t imagine this strategy will be particularly successful.

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Comments on “Syria Cut Off From The Internet Again”

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Q?r Tharkasd?ttir (profile) says:

> some vital piece of infrastructure getting blown up

Considering that big battles have been taking place around Damascus airport, which have led to its closure and incoming flights being rerouted, it wouldn’t be surprising. And considering the innumerable acts of terror and atrocities committed by the fanatics financed by the US, France, Britain, Turkey and the GCC, it wouldn’t be surprising if they had managed to close down the net. As they have done with satellite comm when they destroyed Libya, or as they’re doing right now under our eyes with Iran. Why is it that some people automatically believe it’s the government that done it?

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