DailyDirt: Help For The Mathophobic

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Plenty of students in school don’t like math. There’s not much room to argue for points when grade school arithmetic is either wrong or right. With a better understanding of how our brains work, we might be able to devise some ways to make math more pleasant for everyone. At the very least, we can remind people to always show their work.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Help For The Mathophobic”

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AgonizingFury says:

People great at Math

I remember watching an episode of superhumans where they were looking into a guy who could super complex math problems, to several decimal points, in his head faster than college math students could punch them into their calculators. Turned out from the fMRI scans that he used the wrong part of his brain to do math problems. Instead of the logic center he was using the part of his brain that is responsible for coordination. It makes sense since that part of our brain is capable of calculating extremely complex things very fast. Thought it was kinda cool, and somewhat related.

Rekrul says:

I never did very well at more advanced math such as algebra. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do the work, it was that we were almost invariably given problems that included portions we hadn’t bee taught how to solve. Maybe it was supposed to be a way of teaching us how to figure things out on our own, but in my case it didn’t work. They’d teach us how to solve for X and then give us a few problems that included Y as well.

Of course now I’ve pretty much forgotten all of it…

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