Samsung Wants To See The Details Of Apple's HTC Settlement

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So, last week we wrote about Apple settling its patent fight with HTC — though the terms were secret. It certainly sounded like it wasn’t that much money, as HTC seemed to brush off the financial concerns. That appears to have caught the attention of Samsung’s lawyers, who have now filed a motion asking the court to make Apple reveal the terms of its HTC settlement. Perhaps more important than the amount, Samsung wants to see if the deal includes all of Apple’s patents, since there are some that Apple has been insisting it would never license as part of its argument as to why there needs to be an injunction blocking the sale of Samsung devices, rather than just monetary damages. It would undermine Apple’s case if it then turned around and licensed those patents to HTC. As the linked article above notes, it would be surprising if HTC agreed to a deal that didn’t include those patents. So the end result of the HTC deal may be that Apple just bargained away some of its ability to get injunctions against Samsung’s devices.

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Comments on “Samsung Wants To See The Details Of Apple's HTC Settlement”

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Anonymous Coward says:

what’s good for one, cant be used detrimentally against another, can it? sorry. i keep forgetting. this is Apple we’re talking about. the only company that will sue the arse off of one company for doing something it dont like, but then does the same thing the other company was doing, but to another, and think it is ok! shame it doesn’t completely collapse! every time it brings out a ‘new’ device, people clamor for it only to find, like Microsoft stuff, it’s a heap of crap that needs 6 more months minimum checking and the buyers are paying to be beta testers!

Pixelation says:

That Freetard coroporation known as Samsung just wants a way to steal money from Apple. There is no way on God’s green earth they would have come up with these ideas on their own. Who but Apple would round corners? Fucking brilliant! I hope they learn their lesson from this and stop stealing Idea Property. How can Apple use these ideas when they’ve been stolen?

Wally (profile) says:

Second, given HTC’s newest phone uses a 343ppi display. I’m pretty sure that is the technology licensed to HTC from Apple….Retina Display. Which was not involved with Apple vs. Samsung patent suit.

Samsung is still dogging on about the Jury Foreman in this case, which is understandable, but totally missing the mark in what it seeks to litigate against Apple for.

Wally (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Samsung is apparently asking the court to force Apple to hand over the agreement, so it can offer a similar deal instead of having its products banned in the United States. In other words “I want what he wants…we wanty deal!!! Me want a deal!!!!,” which is kind of ironic considering Samsung spread the FUD that Apple was strong arming their patents and refused to settle the case before the trial.

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