DailyDirt: Cool Food Packaging Designs

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Packaging designs can make foods and drinks more attractive. There’s a reason why people shy away from food that comes in generic black & white packaging that looks like Dhamra Initiative rations. Here are just a few examples of some interesting packaging designs that probably aren’t going to hit the store shelves anytime soon, but it’d be cool if they did.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Cool Food Packaging Designs”

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Rekrul says:

Re: Re: If you've ever tried to reach into a Pringles can for the last chip...

Well, then, if you want something that tastes like potato chips, there are a zillion brands you could buy. If you want something that doesn’t taste the same as every other chip out there, buy Pringles.

Well, I’m kind of funny in that if I buy something promoted as potato chips I want it to actually taste like potato chips.

Did you know that Pringles are less than half potato? The rest is wheat and flour.

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