Interview With Author Of 'Hacking The Future'; Techdirt Book Club

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Today at 1pm PT (4pm ET), we’ll be doing a live streaming interview with Cole Stryker, the author of Hacking the Future: Privacy, Identity, and Anonymity on the Web. We’ve run a couple of excerpts from the book — one about why anonymity matters, that many of you agreed with, and another about the dark web, which many of you did not agree with. Given that, it should be a fun discussion. If all goes according to plan (never a sure thing when you deal with technology), right around 1pm, we should have a video pop up beneath this text, so check back… If you happen to be reading this after, the full video will be immediately available for viewing.

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Comments on “Interview With Author Of 'Hacking The Future'; Techdirt Book Club”

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Anonymous Coward says:

LMAO @ Pirate Mike–

Another TechDirtBag Book Club offering from an author who DOES NOT SUBSCRIBE TO “FREE.” Poor Mikey can’t even find authors who subscribe to his alternative and extremist point of view. And this guy’s selling a HARDCOVER ONLY for $16.69. Talk about your windowed offerings. That guy’s just ASKING to have his rights violated, right, Mikey?

But does Pirate Mike say one negative thing about this guy’s crazy, dinosaur business models? Nope. The same business model that Mike has made a career out of dissing and whining about is ignored when he’s kissing the ass of a writer desperate enough to be seen on his pirate-apologist shit-hole-of-a-blog.


Hey Mikey–tell him about how his business models are stupid, and how, if pirates decided to willingly violate his rights in his book, you’d side with those pirates and blame him–the author–for not giving it away for free. And God forbid this author ever go to court to enforce his rights against those that would violate them. Right, Mikey?

LMAO. Desperate douchebag is desperate.

Nastybutler77 (profile) says:

While I don’t agree with the AC troll in the first comment, I have to say I’m a bit dissapointed this book isn’t availiable in digital form, at least not on the Amazon site that was linked to. I was set to buy it for Kindle, but alas, I can’t, so I won’t be reading this until a digital version is availiable, if I even remember to check back in the future. Chances are good that I won’t. Ooooo, something shiny…

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