DailyDirt: Talking Animals Are Real

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Parrots are well-known as non-human animals that can speak our language with some degree of intelligence, but there are a few other examples of animals that can perform similar feats. So far, the vocalizations of these animals are a bit difficult to understand, but it’s clear that there are some non-human species that want to imitate us. Before anyone else says it… I, for one, welcome our new _____ overlords.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Talking Animals Are Real”

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Anonymous Coward says:

talking is one thing, communication is where it is at, and that is common, I have a dog, I do not have converstations with it as you would another human, but we are able to communicate very very effectively, she can tell me many things that I instantly understand, and I can tell her many things that she will instantly understand, we communicate, but we dont talk..

Digitari says:

animal speech

My Mother taught our dog to speak in the 60’s and he was Very clear, and knew what the words meant.

He would say “I want it” “Hamburger” “I love you” and “Momma” this is what I can recall off the top of my head but he (the dog) would speak without prompting at times I know he knew other words and sentences

The Dog and I learned to speak at the same time

My sister won a talent contest with this animal and I think my father still has the reel to reel audio recordings to this day.

My uncle also taught his dog to talk 40 years later

Mike Florida (profile) says:

Talking Animals

The ideas about parrots are widely held misinformation based on centuries of prejudice. The specific statement “Parrots just repeat what they hear” is true for birds trained that way.

There are records dating to the ancient Greeks describing birds learning human language (Greek). I am an independent investigator of talking birds. Given the proper education many birds can learn language and assemble original ideas and express thought. For more information consult my book called “Another Kind of Mind: A Talking Bird Masters English” for specific examples from recorded data, some of which is on the Internet site:

The problem is man’s arrogance to think like Descartes that other animals are just robots and we are superior. I subscibe to Darwin’s idea that all characteristics are on a continuum. I reepeat a famous line about animal research: The absence of evidence is not evidence of the absence of a capability for animals. Pogo: “We have met the enemy and he is us!”


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