DailyDirt: Robots Are Stealing Our Jobs

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Robots are moving towards taking over more tasks that are boring and/or unpleasant for people to do. Some folks are concerned that robots will replace too many human jobs, but it’ll take some time before robots are cheap enough to really replace a lot of people. Still, it really is just a matter of time before robot costs come down, so we’d better start preparing for the inevitable. Here are just a few robot projects that are trying to play nice with us.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Robots Are Stealing Our Jobs”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Silly Humans

Our ancestors toiled at work for generations. We have embraced technology (to an extent) and have created countless tools that can perform nearly all the work that we once did. So, do we benefit from our ingenuity? No, we complain that robots steal our jobs. What do you want a job for?

There is really no reason that people should have to work anymore. People could literally work for a few months and then be rotated out. People could then do whatever they wished with their time. Isn’t that the goal? Why would your goal be to work an 80 hour week?

Take some time off, enjoy life, watch the clouds float by and quit believing in the myth that you need to work every day your entire life to be successful.

It is a major shift of mindset to understand that humans no longer need to work as most currently feel we do.

Mr. Applegate says:

Re: Indeed, Silly Humans

To follow your line of thinking, if there is no need to work, there is no need to learn either, is that correct? I mean if I don’t need a job, why do I need to learn math or science, programming…

Unfortunately, at least for me, I have yet to find anyone willing to pay me(at least anything approaching what I want to make) to do nothing. Without that pay, I have no roof over my head, no food, no water, no electricity, no heat or air conditioning, no TV, no car, no fuel (for the car), insurance to keep me healthy…

In other words, without work (and thus pay), I have none of the things that make my life comfortable.

Please tell me where your ‘Utopian’ society is. A place where no one works, and everyone reaps the benefits. Just one question, who keeps all the robots running? The apes I suppose.

Finally, I proffer that most humans, by their nature are lazy, and without the desire for things like food, a home, a car, an xbox… many would be quite happy to not work at all.

Wait, doesn’t history teach of a society or two similar to this in the past. Obviously, they didn’t use robots, they used slaves. The point was the same though. Why should we, the entitled be expected to work? We should enjoy life… In the long term it didn’t seem to pan out to well for them.

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