Leaked White House Report Finds No Evidence Of Huawei Spying

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Remember that Congressional report from last week that warned everyone to fear Huawei, the Chinese telco equipment maker? Much of the fearmongering was around Huawei’s close ties to the Chinese government (and military specifically) with no actual allegations, but plenty of speculation that there could be espionage issues. Of course, now, details of a White House report have leaked, claiming that they found no evidence of Huawei spying. They do point out that there are problems with Huawei equipment that could lead to exploitable security flaws — which is certainly an issue. Of course, that seems like an issue that security experts to deal with, rather than politicians…

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Comments on “Leaked White House Report Finds No Evidence Of Huawei Spying”

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Mr. Applegate says:

Re: WH could be lying, mistaken, incompetent, or is a false leak.


I suspect that you; wear a tin hat; are a white male; are of middle age; are a troll; illegally download music, movies, ebooks, and gay porn; secretly enjoy the gay porn and sell the movies, music and ebooks; were a Nazi; are a terrorist; haven’t been laid for at least 10 years (perhaps never).

Everyone at techdirt knows all of these as true facts, at least until proven otherwise (to our satisfaction). I am sure you won’t mind if we regularly impune your reputation and espouse that each and every one of the above statements are accurate and immutable truths at least until we are satisfied, beyond all doubt that they are not true.

Now seriously, it is one thing to have suspicions or even to discuss them behind closed doors. It is quite another to publicize them and spread pure propaganda with no evidence at all.

Now, stop eyeing that cucumber!

Anonymous Coward says:

You don’t have to worry about the Chinese spying. The WH will take care of that for them. They just need a few more laws passed saying it’s legal to take your data.

All this pumping about cybergadden? The only reason the government is concerned is that they’ve already initiated it all. They now fear retaliation from their own works.

Remember, the pentagon has already said it considered cyberwarfare an act of war. So what has been going on with Iran? They didn’t even wait to declare war, they just went in and started dishing out malware. Now that Iran is starting to set up to dish it back out at the US banks and the like, suddenly the US is concerned with virtual warfare.


Anonymous Coward says:

i am sure that if looked for, there will be found problems with all manufacturers equipment that could lead to exploitable security flaws. this has only been brought up over Huawei because of it being near to election time and some prick in government has got it in for the Chinese. that is, until the Chinese has something the US doesn’t have but desperately wants!

Thomas Corriher (user link) says:

History shows that trusting a communist nation is a very dangerous thing

This is not merely a technical issue (non-political) if the security “flaws” are INTENTIONAL. Take the infamous N.S.A. private security keys found in Microsoft’s software many years ago placed allow the U.S. government to spy into any Window-based “private” network. This sort of thing isn’t just some rare occurrence. Spying and dirty tricks are NORMAL in the history of the world, and yet we seem to learn nothing at all from history. Moreover, the Chinese government is easily among the worst of the worst, but it is too politically incorrect to cite that nowadays.

Technical people are some of the kindest and most ethical people around (I’m a former tech myself), but it is that good nature which makes them the most naive.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: History shows that trusting a communist nation is a very dangerous thing

Huawei != China

I like the way you talk about not trusting communist nations and then your example is an American Government and American company!


The thing about Huawei is that they offer open source drivers to most of their hardware. These are drivers that have been accepted into the Linux kernel and so have passed the usual peer review that goes on there.

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